{December 6, 2013}   Congratulations to Joanne Best!

I was a winner! And if you aren’t playing along with Ana’s Advent Calendar then shame on you because you’re missing out on all the fun! 😀

Anastasia Vitsky

Yesterday’s posts for Giving Tuesday were so amazing that I wanted to recognize the responses. I thought I’d pick one that affected me, but there were too many to count. So, instead, I put all of yesterday’s commenters onto a list (actually, helper elf Penelope Hasler did) and chose one at random.

The lucky winner is Joanne Best, who has made me smile each day. This is her first Christmas without her mom, and she says that coming to the Advent Calendar helps to make this season easier. Hearing this makes all the hours of work worth it. This is my paycheck, this is my payoff, and this is why I come back every day to these kinds of events.

This is Joanne’s intro comment from the first day:

Yay! It’s here!!!!
1.Yes, I went to Catholic School and always follow directions ;-)
2.No I didn’t play along last year…

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Congratulations! So happy for you.

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