{December 1, 2013}   RIP Dinka ~ Sunday Stills ~ Pets


I stumbled across a blog just now called Sunday Stills,,it seemed like a strange kind of Fate, because just a few hours ago, we had to put one of out cats down (it doesn’t seem right to use the phrase “put her to sleep” for something so heartbreaking).
We have 2 dogs and now we have 3 cats rather than 4 cats and of course each and every one of them is loved equally, we have no children, our Pets are our children.
Her name was Dinka and she was born in an alley to another stray in another town; long story short, she’s been with us almost since she was born and she let us love her for 17 years.
Of course she was a Diva, long, lean, she’d strut around the house like a supermodel and always let you pet her, you know, when it was convenient for her.
She was beautiful and sometimes, if you were really lucky, she’d let you sit next to her, but as much as a Diva as Dinka was, she could purr with the best of them. And Diva or not, she purred a lot. She was loved and loved us all just as hard as we loved her. We will miss you so much Dinka, I’m going to miss fighting with you for the faucet when I brush my teeth even though you always won.
Thank you for touching our lives sweet Dinka, at least we know you’re up there with the ones who went before you.


Heyjude says:

It is always heart-breaking to have to put a pet down. I truly sympathise with you. Your Diva Dinka sounds like she was quite a character and she has left you with many beautiful memories. Take care – and I hope to see you again on the Sunday Stills Challenge.
Jude xx

Thank you so much, so many good memories, and you would have a hard time getting rid of me now that I’ve found you :-d

I am so sorry for your loss:(

Thank you my sweet xox

So sorry to hear of your loss. Our pets fill our lives with love and when they are gone, we miss them terribly.

[…] RIP Dinka ~ Sunday Stills ~ Pets ( […]

Love to Dinka and to you xx

thank you my dearest friend….too much loss this year, so love is all I need, {corny but true} love back to you xox

WildBlack says:

Awww! RIP

Aww thanks so much, they become like family and while we can get another we can never replace the ones we lose xox

Frances D says:

I don’t think I ever cried for a human being the way I cried for my beloved Shepard mix Rocky. Rest in Sweet Peace Dear Dinka

So sorry about your Rocky 😦 Sometimes our pets are much better friends than people can be, they always seem to know exactly what we need when we need it ♥ xox

Teepee12 says:

There’s nothing I can say you haven’t heard or said to yourself. 17 is a good old age and you gave her a wonderful life I am sure. The price we pay for having pets is outliving them. I think it’s worth it, but it doesn’t make it hurt less.

Henry G L says:

pain of loosing and to gain the memories, Seems to be a matured cat.

Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth says:

This is beautiful.

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