{November 30, 2013}   Like Last Night

i made believe you were here last night
it was silly really,
thinking i felt the press of your flesh
you were a phantom
appearing at my side
and i saw you too,
that you-shaped outline
the one no doppelganger could reproduce
see, nobody else can ever fit that space you occupy
it’s been a long time since you stood on that one corner,
yet even today i saw you standing there
like that night, hands in your pockets, cigarette between those perfect lips,
i remembered everything and my body flushed,
you were here last night
skin against mine, recall set to 11 and you were here,
your weight crushing me ecstatic
verbal cues crashing endless
intertwined and off the charts
those times, when you’re here, like last night,
reminds me that time folds,
it twists and turns and touches me,
brings you right here, crushing me ecstatic
just like last night


robertsonwrites says:

great imagery. i think many of us can connect with this piece

thank you, and I think you’re right, we all feel that feeling at one point in our lives….thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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