{November 27, 2013}   Long Weekend

fake smile
those infrequent daily moments,
(monday through friday excluding holidays),
these are the moments i hold onto
because your words give me strength to make it through
each second/minute/hour/day/week/month/year
it doesn’t take much to keep me going
but somehow in this crazy world
only you can calm my inner storm
with nothing more than a word,
the thought of me crossing your mind
can give me superpowers
i can take on the world with a smile
deep and true and caused by you,
there is nothing special you say, no magic words
known only to the two of us,
i lie, because every word you utter is magic
an impromptu ‘hey’ sent my way can change my point of view
it’s a shame i wasn’t phonable this morning,
i could have used your strength
….it’s going to be a long weekend…
break my spirit


I hope your weekend will be filled with strength and warm thoughts. Glad to see you joining the Advent Calendar. 🙂

Same to you, its harder than I expected, all these Firsts without my Mom, I’m looking forward to the Advent Calendar, I even wrote myself notes so I don’t miss a day 😀 xox

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