{November 22, 2013}   Surety

i wonder if it was intentional
of course i know it was inevitable
but the question remains
was it intent
or random happenstance
that resulted in my toes curling
just from the timbre of your voice
and the permanent smile you carved into places
i wasn’t even aware i had,
you gave me a gift
just by breathing the same air i do,
sense plays no part in this,
common or otherwise
we play the cards we are dealt
any way we can to survive,
intentional or not makes no difference
every card we play leads to the same outcome,


As always, I love it!

My sweet sanctuary, so perfectly named , you give me a gift every time I read your words 😉 ♥♥♥ xox

You are a gift to me here. Please always know that. Each time I see that silly face (beautiful, as well), tongue and all…I smile and say a special thank you. Love you!!

Wow…so beautiful and that photo too!!

Thank you my sweet, I feel the same about you and your writing but you know that already 😉 ♥ xox

You captured a number of feelings very well. My favorite line; “you gave me a gift
just by breathing the same air I do…” says a lot about the tension.

Thank you so much, you, my dear, read between the lines so perfectly, as if you were in my head when I was writing this ♥xox

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