{November 15, 2013}   A Breath Of Toxic

a breath of toxic
exhaled into the night
smoke conjuring you,
right there before me
always when i need you most,
i could feel your touch
but only if i think hard enough
i could pretend you’re there
taking away my toxic
making me a believer,
but if i open my eyes there’s only a picture in my mind
an image etched in my soul,
it’s laughable, the cliché I’ve become
but when i feel the brush of your phantom touch
stirring in the breeze tickling,
and i scent you over the miles
i count on the stars to lead the way
and remember the proof
that you do exist somewhere,
after all,
a memory and a premonition
can be one and the same


Teepee12 says:

I would have loved it if it hadn’t made me want a cigarett. I gave up smoking more than 5 years ago — I still want a cigarette. Tobacco has got to be the most addictive drug in the world. And it’s legal.

oopsie ;-D believe me, I get it, I quit for a year then had a bunch of horrors in my life and I gave in…I did it once I can do it again lol…one of these days 🙂

Great post!!! I was startled at first when I came on your blog I used to have this theme on my public blog (yes a different one) I had switched to Turquoise rather than the green but I love that girl at the corner…I’ve used her often for posts…the other blog.

I do love that girl lol, I made this blog a year ago but didn’t start writing here until April after my Mom died, I decided to just go for it and write witout censure 🙂

I started another blog in 2012 but once I started feeling comfortable to `just write` I had to start this one so I could just write without borders and my muse visits me more often now….she is sensitive and unpredictible but I love her so. I`m so sorry for your loss, Joanne. If anything, I have found writing cathartic and therapeutic…but you know that. Namaste, Oliana.

bentalice says:

These three lines amaze me: a breath of toxic / exhaled into the night / smoke conjuring you,

What you do with the language is so frighteningly good. I’d love to crawl into your head and relax on your shivering thoughts.

My mind is always open to you my sweetly evil muse; in fact I carry you inside my mind always ♥ you keep me going more than you could ever realize, for that, amongst a million other reasons, you have a piece of my heart.

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