{November 11, 2013}   Fiction Relay~ Part 49

Ok,you know the drill (you should), in case you want to freshen your memory or here (I’ll get these links right one of these days) to catch up as we draw closer to the finish line.

Blue wasn’t used to anyone coming to her rescue, she wasn’t a “rescue me” kind of girl, she could take care of herself.
Always had, always would.
But when Spencer appeared, real Spencer, her Spencer , she was never so relieved to see anyone in her life.
He appeared. Out of nowhere he appeared right where he belonged, tangled together with her. Blue allowed herself the briefest luxury of just being in Spence’s arms, his mouth crushed against hers, everything gone except the two of them, as if they were invisible. But luxury could cost them their lives and that was a cost neither was willing to pay.
As much as she hated it, Blue snapped them both back into reality with the unfortunate truth, “No time now, we’ve got incoming.”
“You ain’t kidding,” Spence muttered as he eyed the impossible sight. “Tell me I didn’t just see those asshole bodyguards turn into coyotes.”
Moving like a well rehearsed dance duo they instinctively took on their default fighting stance, back-to-back, eyes moving everywhere as Blue and Spence moved in slow circles, sizing up the fast approaching coyotes on one side, the dark snarling anger-fueled cloud of evil getting closer on the other side.
What the fuck is going on Spence? Why bother expending the energy to speak out loud when they could just as easily get into each other’s mind?
He’d never heard Blue sound this scared before. This just pissed him off more than he already was.
Do you trust me babe? Spencer knew the answer but wanted to keep Blue focused, not let the fear get to her. Something was off, he just wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.
Of course I trust you! Don’t be an idiot! And you pick now to ask me if I trust you? In case you haven’t noticed, we have coyotes, I repeat, big fucking coyotes about to chow down on us and you want to have a conversation about trust now???
Spence smiled to himself, he knew his Blue, and he knew what buttons to push to piss her off, trust being the big red flashing button guaranteed to annoy her most. The beginning of an idea was building in Spencer’s mind, he didn’t know if it would work, hell, he wasn’t even sure what he was going to do. But no way a bunch of bad bodyguards turned into coyotes were going to lay a finger on his Blue.
She was special.
And Blue had power, a lot of it too, and whenever they were together, Spence felt more like a man and less like a pawn.
Got an idea babe, just hold on to that cute little temper of yours and-
I don’t have a fucking temper!

He inwardly smiled again. He didn’t know how, but they’d get out of this, he just knew it, just like he knew he needed to keep Blue’s emotions running high for a little longer.
All sides were closing in fast, in fact the largest coyote of the four sprang into action, huge sharp back claws leaving the ground, front claws extended. He was so close they could smell his fetid breath, gristle and red stringy bits of flesh dripping from his snarling mouth.
Spencer had seen many coyotes in his life, their teeth were so sharp, so deliberate, he’d once seen a coyote dismember a cricket before devouring it.
He knew of the legends, magical tricksters they were.
These coyotes were everything he ever knew, magnified.
Wanna get out of here babe? Spence’s voice was nonchalant in Blue’s head.
Spencer I swear if we get out of this alive I’m gonna kill you! We’re surrounded, I’ve got my knife and that’s about it. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? Blue was as furious with herself as she was with Spence. She never felt so helpless in her life, she should have been able to do something to get them out of here but she couldn’t seem to concentrate, couldn’t seem to access her powers and that was pissing her off the most.
Close your eyes babe.
Are you crazy? Close my eyes? NOW???
Blue, if you ever trusted me, now is the time… please hon, I know what I’m doing. He managed to block any doubts he had far away from Blue’s probing mind.
The approaching snarling dark blob was almost upon them and the leaping coyote was a few seconds away from a two-for-one snack when Spencer focused every drop of concentration on getting out of there while grabbing Blue’s hands and spinning her face-to-face, molded together in perfect alignment, fingers entwined as his mouth crashed onto hers and they immediately began to emit a blue-ish glow, the air around them crackling, sizzling, the smell of burning fur fading.
They knew nothing more until an unknown amount of time later they found themselves face down on a cavern floor eating dirt.
“Uh, Spence, what the fuck just happened? And where are we?”
He looked around the dark cold nothing surrounding them.
They couldn’t see a thing and had no idea where they were, never mind how, exactly, they got there.
Raj felt the power of the mountain more than most. He was more attuned to it since dear Melissa killed him.
He was more attuned to a lot of things since Melissa killed him, and Raj knew, without a shadow of a doubt, he would have his day with Melissa. But first he would use her, he wasn’t sure how yet but he would know when the time came, and the time was fast approaching.
He continued to surreptitiously clench and unclench his fist, wiggling his toes underneath the stupid slippers she put on his feet. She would get what was coming to her. The mountain was the key.
She still sat there, in the driver seat while he sat in the backseat, continuing to feel more and more power from the mountain, or did the strange coyote on the dashboard have something to do with it?
Raj didn’t care where it came from, the power was building in him as he realized he could understand bits and pieces of the coyote howls. The four coyotes perched on the roofs of the abandoned SUV’s were communicating with the huge crowd of coyotes staring up at them, as if they were listening to a speech or receiving orders.
Someone, no, two someones had been here and disappeared into thin air. All the normal ear would hear were howls, but Raj was picking up more and more on what they said.
They were in there. In the mountain.
All of them.
For the first time in a long time, Raj’s face moved on his own command.
The smile on his face was terrifying.


And now it’s sweet KC’s turn…


Ooooooooo you’re such a good writer! Another great episode as we move towards the ending. You did a great job of building the tension as the coyotes gathered – sooo exciting. And you’ve captured and developed Blue/Spence’s relationship perfectly. i love how he knows the best way to get her angry. “I don’t have a fucking temper” hahaha! brilliant!
I can’t wait to see what part Raj is going to play in all of this. His contempt for Melissa (“the stupid slippers”) continues, and not surprisingly given how she has treated him. But then he was very much the bad guy for alot of this story so it’s fascinating how our sympathy for him seems to be growing. That smile at the end is really enigmatic – is he smiling because he knows the others are all inside the mountain? because he is gaining some strength and independence again? because he knows he will be able to get his revenge on Melissa? or just because he is evil and he is about to do a “bwaaaahahahahahahahaaaaaaa!” evil laugh?
I guess that’s all down to KC next….

It means the world to me that you approve of what I wrote- I was worried about this one because of all the outside noise getting in my way, but lucky for me, I got to write about Blue and Spence, I have an idea in my head as to what happened and where they are but as we all know, anything can happen and that is part of the fun 😀
You are so right about Raj, he really does seem to be turning out to be slipping his way into my heart lol
Can’t wait for the next chapter and in all honesty, I think the privilege of writing those words “the end” by all rights should belong to you my friend 😉

I’ve got thoughts of where they are and how it all fits together too, but it’s not down to me. Well not till part 52 anyway!
I have to keep reminding myself of Raj’s past and why Melissa wanted revenge on him. But like Andrew, he seems to be making the transition from grrr evilness to kinda sympathetic friendly guy. I wonder how that will pan out.
well, if it feels like and end when it gets to me then i’ll write the end. but let’s see how it develops. I can’t see 52 being the last part anyway, too much to sort out in just three chapters.

He does have an Andrew like vibe…and yes we do have a lot to wrap up yet…I’ve actually been itching to bring Gino back but wasn’t sure….but that’s half the fun, never knowing what comes next 🙂

I liked Gino! Maybe he has a role to play yet… 🙂

Big huge gigantic smiles!

I LOVE that you brought the kids back into it! Yay! 🙂 Great, tension-filled scenes, and nicely done w/ the emotional tension, too. I can totally “feel” the flow of where you were going with this, Joanne. Spence and Blue are so exciting and cool, and — whoa! — Raj can understand coyote-speak? Awesome! (Wonder if he can talk back to them…?) Well done, girl. I can hear the whistle-tune from “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” gearing up in the background. 🙂

Lol, now I keep hearing that tune in my head, the Good Bad and the Ugly! I couldn’t help it, Blue insisted she get some more screen time 😀
And I had NO IDEA that Raj could understand coyote speak, he doesn’t even know himself how this happened but with all he’s been thru and that mountain! Hee!

Ha! I love when the story just tells itself! 🙂

(Sorry ’bout the radiohead… 😉 )

No worries hon, always have a soundtrack in my head 😀

Ohhh the ending of this post has me wanting more!

Yay! I’m so honored to be writing with such great writers in this fiction relay, it’s an ever changing story that needs to be a book 😉

[…] Fiction Relay — Part 49 (by Joanne) […]

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