{November 9, 2013}   For A Reason

i’m twisting
turning this way and that
always feeling the pull
it won’t let go
keeps me at constant attention
splintered mind whole for a moment
kept on hold for hours
doubting my own sanity listening to the static
looking for a sign outside the kitchen window
but i can’t always see that far,
i’m pulled apart at the seams,
red-headed ragdoll with my guts spilling out
unedited and without regret
putting me on the line
unsure if i can balance
yet spitfire grit keeps me walking the tightrope
pushing just a little bit more
because lines are made to be crossed
after all, they blur over time for a reason,
and sometimes we are meant to fall,
for a reason


alienorajt says:

Perfect expression of something I can only too readily identify with. xxx

My replies are as mixed up as I am šŸ˜‰
You’re my not-evil twin lol šŸ˜‰ xox

You have such beautiful word choices in all of your writing.

We were separated at birth my sweet xox

And you are far too kind sweet ionia xox

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