{November 1, 2013}   Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie

ufo1UFO or falling star?

ufo2These photos were taken in the order presented here in a matter of minutes.

ufo3Perhaps a falling star, though I don’t recall falling stars zig-zagging up and down and sideways

ufo4It was silent as it moved closer to the water

ufo5Whatever it was disappeared into the ocean. Was it a UFO I saw? Having seen UFO’s twice before in my life, the first time as I was driving over a bridge late at night, as the road was empty, I and three other people saw a USO/UFO as it rose out of the water without a sound, the red lights surrounding the disk shaped object caused the water to look like dripping flames… it’s hard for me to believe that in this huge universe, we are the only ones here. Do UFO’s exist? I can only speak of what I witnessed with my own eyes, and if ever there was an eerie sight, possible UFO’s, at least for me, fall under the heading of ‘eerie’.

At my son’s in NC we set off blazed Chinese lanterns, huge ones, that looked like that when they got way up high in the sky. They were beautiful. We only had two, and wished we had more.

CherryPickens says:

Amazing! Would love to see those lights.

They were awesome, the camera caught it before I did but I did catch it lol the photos were from the last time i saw and the 1 out of the water was the first time. 2nd was a huge siting by hundreds of people including the police chief and local priests….hundreds of cars pulled over on the Parkway. .. now that I think of it 2 times were on my birthday. ..hmmmm lol 😀

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

captcooke says:

When was this? October full moon was around the 18th. Could be Chinese Lanterns off Cape Henlopen or from the Point. Interesting no matter what. Looks like Grand Hotel across the street from Palace?

This was in July down near the very north end of Cape May, it was weird because it was my birthday 2 out of 3 times like a bday gift lol I usually stay at the Victorian across from Congress Hall, love CM!♥

captcooke says:

That is weird. This is first time I noticed you blog with a Cape May tag. Yes I run the Victorian Mote..

Oh my God!!! You weren’t kidding about weird! My Mom and I usually stay at your most excellent place twice a year, in fact we
were just there near the end of March (Alice Best and daughter), we told you how we’d missed a year due to hurricane Irene and we’d see you in september, sadly, @2weeks
after we got home my Mom passed away. I’m still in shock, it was completely unexpected, and the only thing that makes me feel any comfort is that we got to spend
that last week at The Victorian, we didn’t even care about the snow that week as long as we were at your place. Thank you for all the wonderful times we had there; you made a difference in both our lives, as soon as I’m a little bit stronger I will be back, she asked me to be sure to spread some of her ashes in Cape May…it goes without saying, I’ll be staying at the Victorian. The other place was a nightmare and my husband took me for my birthday…never again! The Victorian has always been considered our 2nd home.

captcooke says:

Wow I’m stunned. And sorry for your loss. The bio shot doesn’t bring a memory. But I remember you guys well. Look forward to seeing you soon.

The pic is of my favorite tv show lol, but if you get a chance there’s a post I wrote titled “Daily Post Home Sweet Home” @a week ago where there are photos including my Mom as well as a link to an interview on WABC News with my folks about losing the house in the hurricane which I’m visable, we’re the redheads lol.
Thanks for your kind words, you WILL see me again in a few months, and I don’t like to hawk my writing but I write about Cape May often, I’m writing a book that takes place in Cape May after the apocalypse, excerpts are on here under The Tower Story just to let you know since it’s your town lol See you and your beautiful wife in a few months, pet your pets for me! 🙂

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

Zen says:

I do not know.. Creepy though.. 🙂

Very creepy yet kinda cool 🙂

Zen says:

Yeah. Cool! 🙂

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge~Eerie | joannebest […]

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