{November 1, 2013}   An Ounce Of Trust

something keeps me believing
but i don’t have an ounce of trust
it’s a leftover habit from the old days
when the sound of laughter was at me not with me
i wonder sometimes how much was my imagination
although why anyone would imagine horror intentionally
makes no sense
then again, neither do i,
there was never any sense to the way things worked,
i had all the clues and pieced them together,
it was just a matter of timing,
all those times we intersected unawares,
like a movie starring some charming actor,
where the heroine keeps missing the hero by a hair,
but in the movies they kiss at the end,
not in real life though i want to believe,
so i pretend i do,
one day soon it’ll all catch up,
with or without an ounce of trust


Love this!

Thanks so much, it was really weird too lol 😀

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