{October 23, 2013}   Sheer Madness

i don’t know why it is
there must be something behind it,
a reason for everything some say,
but i don’t have an explanation for this,
no one does, no one could,
the power in your voice
or the power of your voice,
either way your power seeps through the barriers,
i built them intentionally you know,
because i can’t trust anyone
oh i pretend i do, it would be rude not to,
but i can’t even trust myself,
it would be sheer madness to trust you,
or anyone for that matter,
but then, there are your words,
they pull me in powerful,
private thoughts in my ear,
shivers down my spine ’cause i sure don’t have a backbone,
especially where you’re concerned,
it’s funny though,
when i think about it logically,
i can find no logic as to why
with just a few certain words devoured through the screen,
you own me


Wow! That’s a pretty powerful poem. x

Just a Little Background Noise says:

I devoured this through the screen; danke 🙂

CherryPickens says:

It’s the madness that keeps alive, you know. Without it, life would be smooth, like glass.

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