{October 22, 2013}   Below The Untold

i think of you too often
at least more than just a little bit,
but it gets me through the day
so i figure it’s acceptable
even in polite society,
long as i keep it to myself i’m golden,
i disappear sometimes,
it may be for self=preservation
but i always come back, it’s in my dna,
there’s something else though,
you see, you invade more than my thoughts,
somehow, when i wasn’t looking,
you slipped under my skin,
deep beneath the many protective layers
far below the untold
where all the secrets simmer
you make me bubble
i think the smiles are coming a little more often lately,
you see, i analyze your every word,
the way you string them together amazes me
and keeps me here waiting for the long-run,
because i have a feeling,
it’s just around the corner


CherryPickens says:

slipped under the skin is a delightful image, both horrifying and comfortable. a nice choice.

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