{October 20, 2013}   Last Night

last night
i fell asleep
phone cradled in my hand
pressed to my heart
set on vibrate,
just in case you thought of me
as i was dreaming of you,
just in case you needed me
during those inbetween hours,
i waited and hoped and slept like an angel
somehow i felt your lips on my soul, your fingers brushed my cheek
as the sound of your voice filled me dream-like,
i hear you always you know,
my ears tuned, trained to hear your slightest breath
no matter where you are,
last night i heard you sing those words you wrote,
your voice drifted across the miles
slipping into my dreams so strong
i woke up humming
phone still cradled in my hand,
a smile on my face at the words you sent me,
better than a shot of adrenaline
leaving me ready to make it through another day
with you over there and me over here


Beautifully sensual write…

Thanks, that means a lot coming from you

Touching. I loved it

Thanks my friend xox

bentalice says:

A vibrating phone next to your heart. It makes me want to call, just to quicken the beat. I love that image, Joanne. Beautifully written.

Ah how perfect that would be sweet Alice, especially considering I fell asleep reading one of your books xox

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