{October 20, 2013}   Daily Prompt~ Home Sweet Home

It’s just brick and stone
concrete and steel
or something like that
a coat of paint and some shingle
whatever it was that held it together
held it together for the longest time
a lifetime at least
soaked into the walls
warm hands to heal you
a comfort to take you back to safety
memories seep into the ground down deep and low,
to wait like I wait
the house will fall,
it’s out of my hands now
the earth shook and the water rushed on through killing my youth
stepping on bumblebees in thick summer grass
holding buttercups under my chin
these thoughts still hold my fascination
the taste of frigid winter snow on my tongue
fingers frozen under icy mittens
the imprint of angels protective surrounded me
it’s fallen to me now to keep it going,
to rescue and rebuild
a rebirth of it all
an unexplainable irony flavors things
as it isn’t quiet clear
who’s saving who
AUTHORS NOTE: after hurricane Irene took away my home sweet home my family was never the same, nothing was ever the same and never will be. I suck at linking videos but if you click on the link, you’ll see a video about the rebuilding of our home…I never saw this video until today and the interview with my Mom made me cry because I miss her so much… she did get her dream kitchen, but she died 5 months after moving back home. I love you always Mom, you, more than anything or anyone, were always my home.


very moving words, our childhood home always has so many memories. Thanks for sharing the video with us, i know how hard it must be to watch that again now. Oh and it was nice to see you too 🙂

Yikes, I tried so hard to stay out of the shot 😉

Haha it didn’t look like you were desperate to be on telly!

[…] Daily Prompt~ Home Sweet Home ( […]

captcooke says:

Whoa, what a touching story. It is amazing to stumble upon your blog. I’m still quite the newbie, your quite prolific and should hawk your own writing. Heck I might blog about stumbling upon a blog and finding out she’s a past guest etc etc etc.

It means a lot to me coming from you, although you didn’t know that this is what I was doing most of the time we were at the Victorian, you should know that you and yours have had a huge influence on everything I write…Cape May is what makes the rest of my year tolerable; it’s amazing how small the world can be, also, a person doesn’t always know what an impact you’ve made on a relatively stranger’s life; you and yours have been that to me. I can’t thank you enough for making the last few weeks of my Mom’s life just the way she wanted, in Cape May at the Victorian, in our favorite room #300… I look forward to reading yiur blog! 🙂

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