{October 18, 2013}   Like You Told Me

i felt you breathing last night,
you were halfway across town, sleeping,
i sent waves of me through the night sky
aimed straight to your mind,
knowing i would travel slow down your body
never missing an inch of you, i left my mark,
just a phantom memory of a time before
and a time to come, just around the corner,
but i embedded myself last night,
not sure how deep but oh i felt you,
deeper than i knew existed,
you slipped in hard and fast,
taking hold of my soul, branding me yours
with no expiration date,
i will stay here waiting
because i belong to you
just like you told me,
and whenever you call me
i will come on command
because you know me better than i know myself
and your aim is always true
whether you’re half a town away
or taking up residence here inside me


Wow, Joanne.
Sultry and heartbreaking…sigh.
I loved it. Almost, it should be spoken out loud.

You are amazing…..thank you so much! xox

*sigh!* Beautiful….

Just like you ♥

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