{October 13, 2013}   In The Air

it’s in the air,
the scent of cold leather interiors
steamed up unavoidable,
the sound of the invisible
as it sinks around us protective,
like time out for good behavior,
it doesn’t happen often so we hold onto it tight
you never know when the stars will line up again
and before you know it the snow is falling
if it comes down hard enough
it leaves a blanket,
though we don’t need anything to stay warm,
i sizzle when i meet your gaze
my teeth long to sink into your lips when you form words
so i try not to look too long in public
i want to be the bottle of beer you swallow
when your tongue darts out to lick your lips
i disappear,
you always find me



We aim to please 😉

Well we at least try 😉

cherrytpickens says:

My favorite line is “i sizzle when i meet your gaze”

The visuals in those seven syllables are awesome enough. But when you consider both tactile and audible … well … it sends a shiver through my flesh.

This is beautiful work.

Thank you sweets! You got exactly what I meant xox

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