{October 11, 2013}   Time’s Punishment

time’s playing games with my mind again,
it does that on occasion, self protection maybe,
more likely i’m just an easy mark,
i slap my heart down on the table and wait,
for the chips to fall
or the sky to come crashing all around me,
see, it usually does,
i pull myself up though, swim against the current
face-first into the howling wind i go,
defiant and unafraid
daring you for more,
we circle back,
sniffing the water like sharks
hunting each other under the radar
eyes always open,
searching for a way inside,
i could slip underneath your skin and stay there forever
the way you did mine,
unintentional or not you started to seep through
until i was saturated but that’s just your way,
at least i like to tell myself that, i’m afraid to believe i’m special
because time always has it’s way and wins the day
but it’s the nights i want to claim,
i can call on time’s mercy
but time’s playing games with my mind again,
that cold autumn air tastes like your mouth on mine,
those shivers up my backbone turn me to jelly
in that same way your fingertips do
even your phantom fingers bring on the shakes,
because there’s a part of you inside me always,
makes it easier to suffer time’s punishment
when you keep the waiting humming


alienorajt says:

That’;s lovely, Joanne: beautiful and melancholy – truly, an Autumn/Fall feel to it. xxx

thank you my sweet, this time of the year is my favorite xox

Jeffrey S. Callico says:

Love the last lines…definitely on of your best. Photos are amazing too.

thank you so much Jeffrey, it’s funny the way some of the best things come easier than the ones you labor over for hours (sometimes days, lol)

Jeffrey S. Callico says:

Yeah, I agree. I think poetry should come quickly, more so than prose. When I write poems, and find myself revising a lot, I start to wonder if the poem was meant to be in the first place. I feel that my better poems only needed to be tweaked and not majorly revised. Not sure if that’s universal or not… πŸ™‚

Well, it’s universal for you and I so that’s good enough for me πŸ˜‰

alienorajt says:

I have recommended you for an award, Joanne:

too many hugs and kisses to for you to fit on the entire internet πŸ˜€ xox ❀

I enjoy your work, Joanne

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