{October 4, 2013}   Angel Feathers

feather falling
you tickle me intermittently
coming and going at your will, not mine,
although admittedly
there’s that little thrill when you feather-touch my soul
unexpected, always in the nick of time,
when i’m on the edge of the ledge,
pink-splattered toes dangle indecisive,
that’s when you send the shiver,
you might say unknowingly, just coincidental,
but the scent brings on the hunt and you’re coated with it,
same as me,
it builds up you know,
defcon one is imminent and overdue,
but you already know that,
all those former sins laid the groundwork
for the necessary evil,
even angels break their wings on occasion
their feathers tickle my cheek on the way down,
they gather in a pile, building up
strong enough to catch us when we fall


alienorajt says:

Wonderful imagery, Joanne. xxx

Loved this. There is a lot of original stuff there and I really enjoyed it. I love the angels with broken wings reference. Never heard that before Brilliant. Love the whole thing overall as well. Hugs

Just ♥… and xox

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