{September 27, 2013}   Delicious Distraction

you’re distracting me
a word sporadic here,
a few more there
while i’m melting,
breathlessly tense
so close to the edge i slip-slide over
at the mere thought of your next whisper
you’ve got me standing at attention
ready for battle
rooting for you to take me down
sometimes you come out of nowhere unexpected
when you catch me by surprise my heart drops
bouncing to the pit of my stomach and down deeper,
the core of me has you memorized
so everything rushes back
time makes no difference then,
it all boils down to this,
and the delicious way you distract me


Ah, such a distraction.

deliciously so, good Sir, and so very necessary at times, in my humble opinion…

bentalice says:

Distracted, my dear? Let me eat you up, one word at a time. Swallow you whole, until each stanza of your poem fills me with its rhythm. You are delicious.

Sigh…oh the thinks in my head 😉 xox

[…] This means that next up is my favourite Buffista Joanne… […]

Jeffrey S. Callico says:

So damn good

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