{September 26, 2013}   Don’t Forget


it’s always you who saves me
whether you know it or not is irrelevant,
the point is you do,
without fail, you do,
so when everything piles up high
appearing to crumble all around you,
when you keep on always,
unsatisfied and overwhelmed,
your I’m-ok-mask firmly in place
with a joke for the masses on the tip of your tongue,
it’s me who worries,
i’m the one
who wants to reach out
take you by the hand and take over,
oh don’t misunderstand,
this is not a coup,
no dissension amongst my inner ranks,
just me reminding you how precious you are,
see, you sometimes forget
in your race against the clock,
when certain things get back-burnered
when all those burdens wear you down,
please don’t forget,
they can’t hold to a candle to my determination
i have special superpowers you know,
they came from you


Your writing just keeps getting better. I am ever amazed by what you can do with words.

You, just you are awesome xox

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