{September 25, 2013}   Mind-Shivers

you slipped through my defenses
long before i knew it
it may have begun before you recognized it too,
or maybe your vision is better than mine
’cause you called it in one,
i tend to lean toward the latter,
due to synchronicity
and of course that glint in your eyes
the other night i wished you here
and just like that you appeared
you were miles away but i felt your touch
along with your urgent demands,
just another way of referring to my own desire really,
your hands were soft and firm, and the other way around,
each and every word brought me closer to the edge of reality,
closer to that place you showed me,
and your timing was exquisite,
mind-shivers explode just as loudly as any,
and coat my skin with every drop of you
somehow this is enough
for i am easily pleased
and an eager learn
with the right teacher
dominating my time


Jeffrey S. Callico says:

Damn that’s fucking hot

see? it’s comments like this that make it worth it 😉

Jeffrey S. Callico says:

so fucking good to know 😉

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