{September 17, 2013}   Falling Feathers

i think i’ve sunk as far as i can go
the bottomless pit has solid ground far beneath it
so when i crash, i crash bruise-ably hard,
it goes down forever you know,
there is no reception there
no signal in or out
and no-one can hear you scream,
everything is invisible down at the bottom
except for the shadows, the shadows are everywhere,
they slink around corners with claws extended
in an effort to peel away layers of me,
one strip of skin at a time,
there are no dangling ropes,
no rescue ladders dropped,
no superhero swooping in to save the day,
not for me,
my ragged wings must fight against the unrelenting wind
a lone loner alone
because in the end
i am always left abandoned, even when it’s unintentional,
stars somehow cross at the wrong angle,
everything is all mixed up,
then my sweet darkness whispers in my ear
telling me i’m strong enough to wear my own super-cape,
with each whisper i strengthen
as the realization sinks in,
all these words i feed on are lifelines,
sweet delectable fruit awaits me up top
the scent slips down overwhelmingly, feathers floating for me to weave my way,
up and out,
mend my broken wings and fly myself to safety
due to the power of your belief in me,
belief enough to come to your rescue if you should ever need a save,
you helped me spread my wings,
there is room enough to cover yet another angel


Skye says:

Excellent, Dear Friend

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