{September 13, 2013}   Spy Versus Spy

lets pretend we’re double agents,
never quite sure who the villain is,
we can communicate in code
and slip through the shadows, hurrying down dark alleys
in case we’re being followed
we’ll wear our daily masks and hide in plain sight
because no one notices anyway
as long as the coffers are full and the performances flawless
we are invisible,
if we time it right
all we have to do is shift,
time freezes and we burn,
because every machine needs some maintenance
to keep up with the demand
so don’t forget to bring an extra mask, in case i forget mine,
we might need some rope and a few other items,
but i’ll trust that to you
just like i do everything else


alienorajt says:

Excellent! xxx

bentalice says:

double agents shift the villian back and forth, as they do with trust and masks; you have the sight, Joanne – you see beyond the others.

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