{September 8, 2013}   Red Desert Boots And More Bottles of Djinn~ Muse Serie


AUTHORS NOTE: Our Catt in the desert, a few more riddles to get on her nerves a little more understanding of what the hell is going on. And what about those tiny little bottles? Let’s see if we have better luck than Catt…)
Why is it always blood?
I trudge ahead aimlessly through the endless desert laid out in front of me. Actually I’m surrounded by nothing but hot desert sand.
The sky is a blue haze, with not a cloud in the sky and it’s hot.
Really hot.
Walking barefoot at noon on the beach on the hottest day of the year hot.
I know I should be a little more grateful for the desert boots she magic-ed onto my previously bare feet but why’d she have to leave me here alone in the desert?
The words “Because your acting like a brat.” appeared in the sky up ahead of me, clouds out of nowhere gather and form her snark as I watch.
“Great, now she’s mangling the English language.”
Not many things bother me, but stupid grammar mistakes, like the use of ‘your’ when it should be ‘you’re’ drives me crazy.
It’s a thing.
“Excuse me? I’m not the one with all those English and Spelling awards from grammar school Miss Smartypants. And by the way missy, if I’m just a figment of your imagination as you like to tell yourself, then that makes who the bad speller? Not moi bella.”
Oh joy. She’s back to torment me again.
I’m beginning to think I’m better off muse-less.
“Hey! I’m right here you know!”
She plants herself right in my path, hands fisted on her hips and a big old scowl on her face.
Which, by the way. is starting to resemble my face a little too much for my liking.
“That’s the whole problem with this godforsaken planet you call home, manners, and the lack thereof!”
She glares at me and I feel a little defeated and yes, even guilty.
“What do you want from me,” I sigh.
Her eyes turn the reddest red I’ve ever seen.
She gets right in my face.
She’s so close I can tell what she ate for breakfast,
Pancakes and bacon, my stomach grumbles.
She stomps her foot so hard the earth cracks beneath us sending me scrambling to the side of the path I’ve been walking for what seems like years.
She just floats in the air, a look of amusement on her face.
“Oh you silly little girl, you actually think this about you?”
“Wait a minute! I never said this was about me!”
“Oh puhleeeeeeze!’ she rolls her eyes as her face goes from amusement to impatience.
She cuts me off yet again and yanks me to my feet.
“Get your ass moving chica, war waits for no one and you’re out here like you’re taking an afternoon stroll. Miles to go before you sleep chica, and you don’t even know how to read a map.”
She shakes her head at me as she looks me up and down.
When her eyes meet mine they are no longer red, but blue like the ocean, shades of blue swirling around yet somehow calming me, at least a bit.
My Muse grabs my hand and leaves something in it.
“Take these and go. Now. Just keep walking west, but you must go now, time is of the essence.”
I must have had some kind of look on my face because I saw a spark of red flash briefly through the blue in her eyes.
“Take them. Now. GO! NOW! You’ll know what to do.”
I look down at what she left in my hand and begin to tremble.
“What the hell am I supposed to do with these???”
And, as usual, she’s gone.
I’m in a fucking endless desert with no clue and a whole lotta scary in my hand.
I’d like to wake up now please.
I know this.”
I stare at the three tiny objects in my hand afraid to touch them which sounds stupid considering they’re already in the palm of my hand.
“I don’t want these , “I holler into the darkening sky. Where’d the sun go?
A series of lightening bolts flash above me in answer.
“The hell with you, I’m perfectly fine on my own,” I mutter to myself.
Thunder rumbles in the distance and I sigh as I examine the tiny little bottles in my hand.
Three of them, small tiny little bottles with even tinier corks keeping in whatever was being held inside.
I’m afraid I know what’s inside.
They were similar in shape, about the size of those little corked bottles sold by every seaside town worldwide.
You know the ones, partly filled with sand and miniature seashells or some other beachy items.
But these bottles were different.
They were murky, smoky, and whatever was in there was shifting, moving, something in there was alive in some way.
“And a gold star for our prized pupil,” she sneered.
“You know, you really need to get a move on chica. Look at you, lounging in the desert while Asmodeus is gathering his forces. This is serious shit going down.” I notice a look of distaste on her face as she realizes she’s picking up my foul-mouth tendencies.
“Yeah I know, ‘I know nothing” You are not paying attention to what is right in front of your eyes! Look. Listen. Pay attention! Stop being a big fat idiot!”
She was floating in front of me wagging a perfectly shaped manicured finger at me. She look exasperated with me.
“I’m not fat,” I mumble under my breath.
She arches her brow and rolls her eyes. How does she do that at the same time? When I try it my eyeballs hurt.
“That is so not the point,” she says as she lightly slaps my head. That’s an improvement, at least she didn’t punch me in the face.
“Are there Djinn in these bottles?” I ask the obvious,
“You’ll know what to do.”
“No!” I shout, “I don’t know! I’m getting nothing but riddles! Little tidbits but I need a big old info dump because I don’t fucking get it!”
“Go. Now.”
And in keeping with the same old same old, I start walking.
The three miniature bottle of Djinn? In one of the zillion pockets these cargo pants have.
I don’t want to hold them, I don’t want to see them. Nothing.
I wanted them out of my sight but I knew I had to hold on to them, like I knew my own name, I knew I had to keep these bottles with me and only me.
I kept on walking hoping I’d have one of those desert hallucination and I could at least imagine I’m drinking one of those boardwalk lemonades where you got half a lemon mixed in with sugar, water and ice. Shaken, of course, not stirred. Nothing like it when you’re thirsty.
I wonder if I should ignore the inviting blue and white striped tent a few miles away from me.
Maybe I should walk in a different direction since I was lost anyway.
Then I smelled the unmistakable smell of fresh lemons on the soft desert breeze
deserttent to be continued…


I love the grammar mistake in the sky, then the Muse saying it was YOUR head it came from. very nice.
And the line “Get your ass moving chica, war waits for no one” is an intriguing hint of what is to come. Dont keep us waiting too long for the next episode….

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