{September 5, 2013}   On Your String

it’s almost laughable the way you yank me
unknowingly or intentionally, you yank me,
i’m the yoyo on your string,
your fingers nimble, hands a blur,
pulling me in tight then a flick of the wrist
and i’m falling, slipping through the cracks
crashing in a downward spiral
quietly twisting in the wind,
waiting for you to jerk me your way again,
circumstance doesn’t make the lack of you any easier,
but I nibble on the breadcrumbs you leave me,
follow your lead without pause, or instruction,
just a comfortable rhythm we fell into
after we noticed the reflection,
and fought those inner demons,
just another waste of time if you ask me,
yesterday morning i dreamed your voice on the phone,
husky, demanding, thick with desire,
when i whispered ‘hello’ this morning you were the same,
husky, demanding, thick with desire,
and you yanked me,
fingers a blur, your voice pulling my string tight,
twisting in your breeze as you control the air
and me on your string


tedstrutz says:

I liked this piece.

tedstrutz says:

Wait a minute…I didn’t mean I clicked ‘Like’… I meant I liked like.

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