{September 4, 2013}   Into A Dark Mirror Sweetly

when i hunt greedy,
i’m a hummingbird in search of sugar water
trying to quench my unending thirst,
a nibble of inspiration with a hint of spice
transforms me,
web-like, gossamer threads pull me in,
i watch from a distance entranced,
words sculpted effortlessly
a siren call tangles with a night breeze
slipping through a dark forest where trees drip honey
and i can peel back the bark to feast on the sweet birch,
when the drenching spills down sea foam salty,
sweeps me off my feet into a soft slide down and down
decadent wonderland lusciously lush
mystery overflowing beckons me,
lava hot and amazon strong
leaving me spellbound
and enthralled
when i tumble down the rabbit hole
i can see me reflected back through your mirror
dedicated to sweet Alice and her Sophia, who inspire me greatly


alienorajt says:

Wonderful! I love it. xx

KC says:

I’m not sure why I haven’t mentioned how much your poems have been freaking me out with their pretty. I just started checking them out this week, I’m awful, I tend to stick to one thing someone does (in your case, FR) and be too lazy to check the rest, but not you. Darn you. Everytime I come over here I have to stop and read, sometimes over again a few times, just because I like the taste. This one…well, you likely know by now that among my (insanely many?) addictions, Alice ranks right up there with Firefly in my pantheon of awesome, and usually the darker side of the…mythos? I guess? So yeah, this poem…all I can say is “Noice!” 😉

(Also, please-please-please don’t read any of my crappy stilted hallmark-card reject piles of words that I sometimes call poems…I know it’ll seem like the self-esteem-monster talking, but I know they just don’t compare to -anything- real, let alone your pretty shiny tangles of image and emotion, all hanging down with the glinting and the flash…you write windchime poems, and I love them. 🙂 )

(Oh, and in case you don’t see what I said over on Boss’ blog, I’ll repost here so you don’t think I’ve gone permanently insane. “(Also, on a side (effect) note…it is generally considered wise to check the strength of the newly prescribed muscle relaxer one is given -before- taking said along with ones evening dose of narcotic pain medicine. >.< I…am not wise. Therefore my writing is likely to be weirder than usual, and may, possibly…make absolutely no sense at all! *gasp* Just a warning. ;p)")

OMG I can’t WAIT to read {rubs hands together with a Dr Horribly laugh}
And I’m so squeeing with the beautiful things you said, poetry is one of those things….it just spills out of me , and of course Alice, and of course you stuff is awesome! Else I wouldnt be reading ;-D

Loves ya sis…..More to follow

bentalice says:

After so many days in bed, sick and icky, this is one of the first things that I find – and I am stunned into wonderment and delight! Your words and thoughts make me happy, Joanne. Well … not always happy. There are so many other things that you arouse – warmth and desire, vision and touch – sometimes your words are like chocolate, other times, like jalapeños, still others, like and ice and fire. I savor them all, and I’m so happy that I found you in this great digital space. To borrow your words, my dear: “a nibble of inspiration with a hint of spice / transforms me, /
web-like, gossamer threads pull me in,”

I like it here.

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