{August 27, 2013}   The Way You Knew

it shouldn’t have surprised me
the way you knew I had the sads
even from a distance with your eyes closed,
i forget sometimes,
the way you mean what you say and say what you mean
i mostly imagine i never cross your mind
years of training will do that you know,
and you know too, that where i’m concerned, it doesn’t take much,
one little ‘you ok?’ out of the blue kicks me hard,
or maybe it’s just my heart beating again,
it shuts down frequently these days, until you shock me back to life,
distance has taken on a new meaning,
fluctuating between literal and figurative,
but there’s a portal nearby, hidden to most,
i think we can make it there if we time it right,
when everything around us freezes
we burn


Excellent, as always. 🙂

Thank you, as always 😉 ♥

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