{August 27, 2013}   Impulsive Unexpected

i can write a song or bake a cake
without batting an eyelash,
downshift around an S-turn or beat you at chess without cheating,
hold a firefly in my hand without flinching and live to tell the tale,
but i can’t make you think of me before you fall asleep
or star in your dreams if i do cross your mind,
wouldn’t count,
not if the cards are stacked,
better to feel the dice in the palm of your hand,
a snap of the wrist and just let go
the impulsive unexpected always tastes sweeter
although actually, i will think of you before i sleep,
just a tiny little past-peek, your tongue hungry for my mouth,
your eyes greedy as my own, blue fire surprise,
i’ll sleep into my own invisible, the one where you wait for me
and we remind ourselves why
this is,
that’s where we remember


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