{August 26, 2013}   Intermission ~ Muse Series

AUTHORS NOTE: Our Catt is poised to dive into the Apocalypse, although she is unprepared at this time. Time has momentarily been frozen as an Ancient Observer fills us in, or does he?
A hush has descended over the Earth.
It may last a millisecond. It may last an hour. It may even last for years.
However long it may be is meaningless. For now, everything has come to a complete halt.
Time itself has stopped. Frozen.
At least, on the surface.
You see, the normal average human eye notices nothing. The normal average human goes about their everyday business completely unaware of what really goes on underneath the surface of their limited comprehension.
This, I believe, is a blessing for the normal average human.
Who am I, you may be wondering?
Who I am is not important for the telling of this tale.
In the Grand Scheme of things, not everything needs to be Named in order to understand. Names have Power.
There is no need for you to know my Name, my Power is just that; mine.
There is no reason to give anyone Power over me, in fact as of this moment, no single being, human or non-human has ever held any Power over me and I will not allow this to change.
For the purposes of storytelling, think of me as a Scribe.
I prefer the term Wordsmith.
Some might go with Narrator but that is not my role in this case.
There already is a Narrator for the purposes of this tale.
I am merely an Observer.
While this tale belongs to another, the time is growing nearer.
I have frozen everything, for I fear for her.
Events have been accelerated before she is ready.
Something has upset the Balance, what was to be is no longer written in stone.
What was to be is no longer a certainty.
This troubles me, for this has never before happened.
Even if I desired, there is nothing I can do but Observe, and carefully offer a little bit of information in case she fails. It is unfortunate, but I can not directly interfere.
I can steer lifelines in her direction. Whether she takes advantage is only for her to decide.
She is our only hope yet she must discover this herself.
I can only watch, although our Fate is in her hands through the power of the bloodline, she is on her own, and she must prove herself worthy.
You see, events are about to happen.
Big, potentially World changing events of the Apocalyptic kind.
In truth, they have already begun.
As I record these events, Final Battles are on the verge of exploding.
Forces are already gathering, Forces unseen to the average human eye have been here on this Earth longer than humans have been on this Earth.
It has been to the benefit of humankind to remain unaware, at least up until this point in time.
For the most part, what will be, will be.
Throughout History, as I have travelled through Time and Space, there have been rare occurrences when what was to be has been changed.
Variables can change everything.
Or nothing.
As an Observer, I am not meant to take sides. Much like modern day journalists used to do, my job is to record events as they happen. No opinions, no editorializing, just plain unvarnished truth.
In the World as it exists today, factual reporting has gone the way of the dinosaur.
Truth telling is extinct and the human race is poised to follow.
Part of my reason for being is to see that this does not happen.
But now I feel it.
Change is coming. I will be there as always to keep the records.
As I wait, I ride the carousel feeling the approaching change.
Wooden creatures are beginning to come to life beneath me.
Grimacing horses, snarling tigers, enslaved for eons, are finally beginning to morph.
Awaiting their call to action as the time grows nearer.
There is a painful beauty in witnessing the transformation of carouseled creatures returning to their true selves.
The tigers seem to snap and snarl the most. One of the wooden lions roars in agony as sharp paint chips flew in every direction from the force of his thick mane taking back it’s rightful place.
It might have brought a tear to my eye if I were capable of such wasteful emotions.
They are all anxious.
Wild-eyed horses stomp their hooves angry. A dragon spewing plastic sparks, restless to turn those fake sparks back into real flames.
But they all knew they had to wait.
What had long been foretold was about to begin.
It isn’t their time yet, but oh they can smell how near it is. The scent of death and destruction is in the air, permeating through their temporary man-made jails.
Even I can smell it in the air and if truth be told, after all this time the odor still makes me nauseous.
I catch bits and pieces of potential events on the carousel mirrors as it continues to spin, increasing in speed slowly. Perhaps the slowly building speed would look much faster to the normal human eye, if it were visible to the normal human eye.
Perception can be a tricky thing.
The carousel continues to spin, the glass mirrors continue to flash horrific scene after changing scene, slowly building to the momentum that would free them from their enforced imprisonment, heading to the Final Battle.
Which side they would take is anyone’s guess. There was no certainty, no allegiance, nothing preordained as to who they would assist. They had been given freedom of a sort; only in the most extreme, near catastrophic Events were they Called. This menagerie could change the outcome of What Was To Come, together with the girl child and her slow gathering of potential allies.
It must be difficult, I imagine, to walk in the shoes of that girl. She is lacking comprehension of what she needs to understand, inside and out, but she is one of the few remaining carriers of the true bloodline.
Going up against Asmodeus and Her is sheer madness, even one such as I recognize that.
As the carousel begins to pick up speed I feel a snap ripple through the air.
Something new catches my eye, something inside the carousel mirrors is shifting. There are new, unfamiliar faces etching themselves onto the mirrors from the inside out.
Events are changing even as I have frozen time, and the carousel itself is gaining speed at an incredible pace. Fast and faster, fast enough to blur the mirrors, distort the images.
This has never happened before.
I have to grab on tight to the horse’s rein as we fly.
to be continued…


bentalice says:

Your words are tasty. They fill me, and yet I want more.

You, my sweet, are beyond kind, and in case you didn’t know, you inspire me more than I can say xox

This is a great chapter, full of mystery and of tension leading up to.. well, whatever is in store for Catt. A few really nice lines in this, my favourite was “Truth telling is extinct and the human race is poised to follow.”
very dark, and makes me desperate to know what comes after!

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