{August 22, 2013}   In The Dark ~ Muse Series

AUTHORS NOTE: Once again our Catt is in the dark so to speak; will she ever find out what the hell is going on? And what about the ring?
I don’t have eyes in the back of my head but if I did I might have noticed my Muse unfreezing drop by drop.
I was so focused on Djinn Boy that even though I heard the drip drip dripping of thawing ice it didn’t occur to me that I may or may not be in big trouble soon.
I don’t know why I allow myself to get comfortable around these people otherworldly beings. It always seems to come back and bite me in the ass and I’m afraid one of these days I’ll mean that literally.
I should have noticed the change that came over Djinn Genie’s eyes, the way his body stiffened, but no, I was too busy trying to pry information out of him and it wasn’t until the first trickle of cold water reached me that I began to feel strange.
Lightheaded and dizzy as everything took on a greenish cast and the air grew thick and heavy.
It was getting harder to breathe and I couldn’t speak, it’s as if I don’t have enough energy to even force a sound out of my mouth and I feel myself drifting, fading, my eyes growing heavy and then nothing.
“Are you ever going to wake up lazybones?”
Why won’t anyone let me sleep? Even if it was sleeping of the Muse-induced kind at least it was sleep. Speaking of She Who Loves To Fuck With Me, when I open my eyes she’s nowhere to be seen.
Neither is Genie. Or the bar or the sofa or, anything,. Literally.
In fact I see nothing. At all.
It’s darker than a moonless night in the wilderness and twice as scary because this dark came with an unfamiliar disembodied voice.
“Well? Are you just going to lay there like a spineless slug? She’s waiting for you and you’re taking a nap. Figures.”
He clicked his tongue in disapproval.
“Did I fall down a rabbit hole?” was the best I could come up with.
“Hey, I’m the one asking the questions around here,” his voice was sounding more annoyed by the word and by the way, for future reference, it’s not easy trying to follow the thread of a voice in this place, wherever it is.
It whips around me bouncing off nothing I can see.
I wish he would show himself, I’m getting dizzy as he speaks, if this keeps up much longer I’m gonna wind up reliving the time I went on one of those roller coasters that go upside down after eating an entire bag of zeppoles at a carnival in grade school.
As if he saw the image of me hurling my guts out as I pictured it, I began to see something a few feet in front of me.
I couldn’t see much but what I could make out looked like hot black melted tar with swirls of iridescent pieces of, something, even after all the crazy shit I’d been seeing, whatever I was almost seeing now was starting to freak me out.
“Fuck your questions!”
I’m so sick of all this mystery bullshit and I’m tired of being yanked around from unknown place to unknown place. “Where am I and would you stop with the circling around me? You’re creeping me out!”
Silence really can be deafening sometimes because for what seemed like hours I heard nothing. Maybe I really was dreaming and all this I Dream Of Genie bullshit was going on in my head as I lay sleeping in my own comfy bed.
“Hmm, maybe she’s right about you.”
Not a dream.
Phantom voice was still here.
“Who’s right about what?”
I try to sound fearless but even I could hear the tiny tremor of fear in my voice, I mean wouldn’t you be slightly scared?
“What do you know about the ring?” He switches gears and just like that we’re back to the mystery ring.
“Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch.”
“Why don’t I believe you,” asks the voice.
“How do I know you just rolled your eyes at me when I can’t see you?”
It’s weird, it’s like I could almost see him, but not.
“Oh you can see me fine, just as clearly as I can see you Catt. You aren’t letting yourself see, so you don’t see me, at least not on this plane. Look, we don’t have time for Djinn 101 right now. Just think of it like an aura, think hard and look harder. You’ll see me.”
I stare hard into the inky darkness, seeing a kind of gathering of that green color, a Gene Genie shade of green.
Something, rather someone, was slowly forming in front of my eyes.
“Are you Djinn?”
Might as well take the bull by the horns.
He laughed, hard.
“You have no fear Missy? Are you stupid or brave?” He continues chuckling as he becomes more solid.
Did I mention how much I hate being laughed at?
“Both,” I reply. “What’s up with the ring I keep hearing about?”
“You can’t understand the ring without understanding Asmodeus,” he becomes clearer as he speaks, although his skin is green, other than that he resembles a stereotypical British butler, a very handsome elderly gentleman.
“I don’t believe even Asmodeus understands Asmodeus,” he continues. “But the ring is the key. He can not, I repeat not, get the ring.”
“Yeah, ok, he can’t get the ring. Got it. Now what does any of this have to do with me?”
He lets out a long strong belly laugh, I mean a doubled-over-with-laughter kind of laugh as I feel myself on the edge of rage.
“Stop it!” I have to shout so he can hear me over the volume of his stupid echoing laugh. “What’s so fucking funny?”
“Sorry Kit-Catt,” he says between chuckles, “you’re just so cute when you’re mad. You get this little crinkle around your nose.”
“Ugh! Enough already! All of this, wherever we are, whoever you are, what does any of this have to do with me?”
“Isn’t it obvious Kitty-Catt? All of “this”, as you call it, is the reason you’re here.”
“Huh? Tell me in words a 5 year old can understand because I still don’t have a clue-”
First he sighed, then he leans into me, so close I could count his razor-sharp teeth.
“You are the only one who can stop Asmodeus.”
“Me?” I squeaked.
to be continued…


I had the hardest laugh especially when you got to those razor sharp teeth.

Yay! More to come my dear xox

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