{August 21, 2013}   When I Slip

when i slip into the dark
it wraps around me
like a comfortable sweater
till it chokes me
stealing my breath
holding me in place
silencing me
there is no way for my words to reach you
when the demon down deep howls in my ears
i can’t compete with the noise,
it’s exhausting hiding from my misery
that familiar black dog relentlessly nips at my heels
wearing me down till I begin to spiral,
i can’t seem to explain
to you or me or a roomful of empty pages
why the words don’t come, they just don’t,
i try but i just feel stupid
i can’t imagine anything really,
not when it hits me as it does,
when it crashes over me in abundance
and you so easily drag me out of myself
or the dark
or whatever mess i manage to mangle myself into,
don’t think i don’t notice


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