{August 18, 2013}   Walls Crash

please don’t believe me if it ever comes up
in conversation or maybe in a song,
if the walls start to build as they inevitably do,
remember this,
remember they always crash down again
everything does but mostly the walls,
remember when we fall, we fall with grace,
we fall with a grin and a twist,
there’s a certain expectation because we were there already,
you and me and all those other rejects, that’s what you called them anyway,
there was a softness in your voice when you said it and the boy you were showed through
only a heartbeat’s worth, then back to walls
because we both build them
you bring the hammer and I bring the nails or the other way around
it’s an age-old tradition, sense memory, self defense just in case,
so please don’t believe me when i tell you everything glows when you aren’t here,
without you it’s dull and gray and nothing shines,
remember instead the way your smile sometimes hurts my eyes,
and remember the way the walls crashed down when we danced as our breath froze in the night,
melting into the gravel crunching underfoot


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