{August 18, 2013}   She Tried ~ My Lyrics

she tried to wash away her life down the kitchen sink
she tried to make believe that yesterday she didn’t think
about the way that things could turn out tomorrow
about the way that this could all turn to sorrow

she tried to turn up the music so she couldn’t hear
she tried to open up a portal and disappear
she tried to make believe that everything was A-OK
she tried to tighten up her laces and skate away

she tried to crawl into the tv but it wouldn’t give
she tried to count how many days on earth she had to live
she tried to entertain the notion this was all a dream
she tried to finish up her lines so she could end this scene

daytime comes around too fast
she don’t know if she can last
been asleep a thousand years
the moon has crystalized her tears
hanging out in wonderland with Guinevere and Trashcan man
looking for a way to find exactly where she lost her mind
she lost her mind


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