{August 17, 2013}   Tip Of My Tongue

i saw you there once again,
i got giddy
this time though, your shadow was stronger
i could see the glint in your eyes from two blocks away
so shiny
but it was only a leftover memory
from one of those times we saw the heavens
your name forever engraved on the tip of my tongue
along with the taste of you
time shifted, finally, bringing you back from the future any hour now
i so easily melt in anticipation
all those drive-by nights disappear when i taste your words
mingled with mine
there was a slight shift in the universe when you went off to save the world
and communication breakdown an undeserved punishment,
my clock no longer counts down the days
now i count the hours
and feel you about to slide off the tip of my tongue


ksbeth says:

beautiful and sad

Thank you! I’m glad you like it exactly as I meant it to be, sometimes I wonder if we can truly appreciate the happy without a bit of the sad; it’s as if the sad parts make the good parts more magical xox

bentalice says:

*sigh* I love your words and thoughts Joanne. They’re sweet in my mind, and when I speak them, my tongue is fire.

You, my sweet, are beyond perfection and much too kind…you are a lovely mixture of honey and cinnamon ♥ xox

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