{August 17, 2013}   Defenseless

we banter back and forth
sometimes joking, mostly not,
there’s a grain of truth in everything we say
and nothing is a lie,
you push me hard, any way you want me
so i push back tenfold testing your limits
though we both know it’s me i’m testing,
you never fail to see right through me,
unable to keep you from drawing me in
your words pull me closer,
i am defenseless
waving the white flag is futile
when you do the impossible the way you do
and get me all shook up,
there’s steam in your wake
uncontrollable, like this thing,
from the inside out it’s much more than lusting,
that was just an unintended side effect,
a comfortable time out from the humdrum daily grind,
now insatiable,
when the light turns green, pop it in gear and keep on going,
you can find me at that place, where you showed me how to fly
just by thinking it,
if we falter, remember how your fingers take on a life of their own
when you’re making magic,
stroking chords and dancing over keys,
your certain words in your certain order,
and me



The best. We don’t lust do we. It is maybe one of the 3 things about us, though the most important is something else, a perception of existence, and a union therein which means an immortality in a partnership. That is perhaps the most quinessential. the rest is credence unto good bones.

Really really loved this – you write beautifully and strands of meaning run through it which really resonate with me – enjoyed it

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