{August 15, 2013}   What May Come ~ Muse Series

The screams I hope I’m imagining start out humming low then slowly begin increasing in volume, the way a mosquito buzzes in the dark when you try to sleep on a hot summer night and you can’t pinpoint exactly where it is as it darts around the room.
You just know it’s biding it’s time till it can come and get you.
Genie appears unconcerned, his attention focused on my Muse, a literal frozen statue staring at me hard, like I’m supposed to read her mind or something.
She ignores the scary looking large green man who was now walking slowly around her, examining the ice molded to her every curve. She just continues staring at me as I try to disappear into the plush cushions of the sofa.
She’s freaking me out but not as much as the sounds I hear.
They’re beginning to grow louder.
It started out with the sound of breaking glass mixed with the screaming but began to shift from near-agonizing screams to laughter.
Not funny ha-ha laughter, more like evil nightmare scary clown laughter.
The kind of laughter that sends chills down the spine of any sane person.
Taking in my current surroundings I begin to doubt there is any such thing as a sane person, myself included.
Something had shifted but I had no idea what.
Ever since Genie put my Muse on ice… the air… something about the air in here, it’s heavy and cloying and making me feel loopy.
The sounds had faded into the background a bit or maybe I’m just getting used to them… there’s something I’m supposed to remember, somewhere I’m meant to be but I can’t arrange my thoughts in any kind of logical order.
The candles had nearly burnt themselves out, it’s getting darker and my eyes want to close but I can’t break away from her icy stare.
My mind tries desperately to grab onto something sensible in a senseless situation but-
“Pssst, pussycat,” Mr.Genie snaps his fingers in my face, snapping me out of my musings and away from her stare.
“Where’d ya go there Kitty?”
I can’t untangle my thoughts, they’re twisted around each other  like Christmas lights inevitably wind up every year.
My head is stuffed with scattered bits and pieces but everything is scrambled.
“I have to go.”
I whisper the words, suddenly claustrophobic and on the verge of a panic attack.
I have no idea where I am or where I’m going, I only know I need to get gone.
“Oh you’ll go sooner or later,” he leaves my Muse frozen, still glaring at me, sinking down next to me on the couch, he flops his Djinn legs on the table in front of us upending bowls of chocolate goodies, crystal shattering as full candy dishes smash against the floor.
I’m surrounded by Snickers and don’t even care. Somebody is gonna pay for that one day.
He reaches for a Snickers Mini that had landed next to him on the sofa and tears off the wrapper in one painfully slow circular tear.
I imagine he could do that to me, tear off a tiny piece of my skin and unwrap me, flay me whole until I’m nothing but bloody bones and exposed organs.
“You hurt me with your thoughts Catt.”
His green skin changed colors, mutating from green to blue in slow motion.
“Do you really think I’d hurt my favorite little pussycat?”
I look around desperately hoping to spot a door that doesn’t exist, my eyes constantly drawn toward my Muse-sicle.
“No way out pussycat, remember? We’re gonna spend some quality time together, you and me,” his beefy arm dropped around my shoulders, using just enough pressure to let me know I wasn’t going anywhere till he said so.
“It’s time for the entertainment portion of the evening missy, now pay attention.”
In front of us a red velvet curtain rises to reveal a surreal puppet show.

to be continued…


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