{August 10, 2013}   Unamused Muse ~ Muse Series

“Holy shit! How did you do that?”
“Trade secret dollface,” Genie winks at me then nods his big green head in the direction of my muse, standing frozen in place.
I wonder if my tongue would stick to the ice encased around her perfectly shaped body.
I also wonder where the hell that thought came from.
“Don’t try it KitKat, unless you want to lose the tip of your tongue.”
Ok, this whole mind reading thing is getting creepy, can’t a girl have a private thought around here? And was that a threat or a warning?
He can’t stop shaking with laughter, his long dark ponytail cracks whip-like as he throws his head back, releasing one of those gut-busting guffaws.
Although my Muse is frozen in place her eyes are livid, even through the ice it’s apparent she’s furious.
“Ignore her Kitten, she can’t do a thing till I release her,” his words reassure me but being stuck in the middle of these two is giving me whiplash.
“Don’t tell me you never wanted to do the same thing to shut her up, come on, you have to admit she can be a pain in the ass when she’s in cranky mode,” he wipes iridescent tears of laughter from his otherwise stern-looking face.
It’s not often I find myself speechless but this is one of those rare moments.
Genie sinks back down into the comfy sofa and I can’t help but notice the lavish spread on an intricately carved wooden serving cart in front of the sofa. The bar is nowhere to be seen and nothing but candles provide the soft glow in the, uh, room, or whatever you call the inside of a magic bottle.
“C’mon Kitty Catt, sit down and take a load off,” he lets out one last giggle as he pats the empty space next to him on that comfy couch.
“And don’t worry, she won’t take this out on you, that one was way overdue for a time out. Gotta admit though, she’s be pretty damn pissed if she could see herself standing there all slack jawed and frozen,” he chuckled again and mumbled something to himself about video cameras.
He gives me his best Djinn grin which is a billion times scarier than it sounds.
Teeth. Rows and rows of sharp teeth on display. This was a different smile than any I’d seen on his unreadable face. I really need a crash course in Djinn 101, fast.
I sit down hesitant, the friendliest smile I could muster plastered on my face.
I may not know much about Djinn but I do know trickery is high on their list of fun things to do.
I’m so screwed.
“Ok missy, we have rings to discuss, for a start.”
His voice is back to polite mode for now.
My stomach grumbles loudly as he offers me a crystal candy dish overflowing with Snickers Minis, my delicious nemesis. And I can’t remember the last time I ate anything.
There are Snickers, and then there are Snickers Minis.
Lets just say I refuse to buy a bag of them because I can easily eat the entire bag in one sitting.
Don’t judge.
I can’t tear my eyes away from the candy calling my name. They’re lined up so beautifully, begging to be ripped open and tossed in my mouth.
Mr. Greens watches me not saying a word.
I was beginning to get the feeling I had earlier, lightheaded and shaky, like the way I felt when I ate a couple brownies in college, unaware my roommate made them with hashish.
And these Snickers are now making my mouth drool.
What’s in this air? It’s making me woozy.
“I’d love a Snickers but I’ve recently developed an allergy to peanuts, better safe than sorry,” I keep my voice calm and sweet, but no way I was eating anything in this place.
Look what happened to Alice.
Nor will I be swallowing anything labeled “Drink Me” anytime soon. Hopefully.
“She was right about one thing little one, you need a no holds barred crash course yesterday if we have any chance of beating Asmodeus. There isn’t anywhere near enough time to get you up to speed,” he stops speaking abruptly, cocking his head to the side as if listening to something I can’t hear.
I can, however, her the muted sound of glass breaking.
And the unmistakable sound of screaming.
to be continued…
AUTHORS NOTE: we still have some adventures of our Catt and her Muse, but there is quite a bit still to come that may or may not continue online…it seems Catt, her Muse, our still unnamed Djinn, as well as a few others had a meeting without inviting me, and decided they have much more to say…they even had a vote without me, and they won and when they told me what they had in mind, I had to agree… so there will be at least a few more Muse Adventures, or I’ll become brave enough to finish this in full length book form…either way, I hope you are enjoying our little adventures and there is much more to come, in one way or another… feel free if you have an opinion, I’m determined to be more comment savvy. And most of all, thank you for reading my lovelies xox)


the excitement builds! Great tension.
“Snickers Minis, my delicious nemesis” – love this line. Nemesis is a brilliant choice of word given the battle of wills going on in this story

Gee, I should check my comments a little more often huh? 😉
I love that word nemesis, it reminds me on the Trio from Buffy “we’re your nemesis-is” lol

This was to Cool! I got Satan, Top Satans, Demons, and Djinns and they do nothing but be in a damn thing but be in a war.

Well magical wars are so much better than real wars lol xox

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