{August 9, 2013}   Three’s A Crowd ~ Muse Series

AUTHORS NOTE:Catt,her Muse,and a Djinn in his bottle, sure it’s bigger on the inside but big enough for these three?
As much as I hate speaking in clichés, if looks could kill, one of us, most likely me, would be dead.
She pins me in place with her cold stare but my Muse speaks only to him.
“Have you made any progress yet?”
Her voice drips icy disapproval, I can tell by her laser beam focus on me that she isn’t too happy right now. I also think she’s giving me heartburn but that could just be my nerves of non-steel.
“Pretty Kitty here is a tough nut to crack.”
As Greenie starts to talk, I notice her piercing eyes dart back and forth between the two of us, settling on him as he continues to speak.
“A little more time wouldn’t hurt you know,” he’s got his arms folded again, and his hulky green mass ripples as he speaks.
I’m not a body language expert, but either she’s getting on his nerves too, or he’s about to wish me into a nameless cornfield.
“You conveniently forgot to mention she has no idea what’s going on. She’s clueless about Solomon by the way. Would’ve been nice if you’d given me a heads up.”
His words are clipped and his tone is snark-infested.
I’m really beginning to regret letting my inner bitch out earlier, I shouldn’t be rude to my host after all and Mr. Genie, if you’re in my head now, sorry about that.
“She doesn’t need to know what’s going on. At least not yet.”
Snapping her finger, a tumbler of what was probably some very expensive scotch appeared in her hand, but I was more impressed with the way she threw back the whole glass without the slightest grimace.
Genie raised an eyebrow and waved his hand in the direction of the now-smoky bar.
I missed the part where the red lights turned blue. Is that a good sign or a bad sign?
“As for time,” she huffs, “time is something we don’t have much more of.”
She starts to pace back and forth, stopping at the bar and grabbing a bottle of what looks like more of that expensive scotch. She drops the tumbler out of the equation and takes a long guzzle, a good half bottle. Impressive actually.
“It can’t be held back much longer.”
I don’t like the momentary flash of panic in his eyes as she says this, but it’s gone just as quickly.
What are they even talking about and what does any of this have to do with me?
“Did you give her the ring yet?”
She resumes pacing, cigarette hanging out of her mouth.
Where’d that even come from?
I quit smoking a few years ago but once in a very rare while I’ll smoke one cigarette. Now seems like a good time for me but I sure as hell won’t ask her for one, not when she’s like this.
“I showed it to her,” my hopefully new BFF sounds like he’s not in the mood for the Spanish Inquisition from Meanie McMuse.
These damn Djinn and the whole name-withholding thing is really grating my nerves.
They know my name, even though they choose to mangle it purposely just to annoy me, but they won’t tell me theirs. I mentally kick my ass for being a bitch to him before instead of showing him my charming-when-I-wanna-be side.
“Showed it to her? What good is showing it to her? She’s a human!”
Holy moly she was pissed!
“You can’t just show her something like that and expect her to, what? What did you expect this one to do, figure it out on her own? She knows nothing and why some puny little human has to be involved in something of this magnitude is degrading to all our kind!”
Her eyes were narrowed and flashing red sparks. I could hear a crackle in the air, for some reason it was getting hard to breathe properly.
At least her focus was off me, she was in a stare-down with Mr Green-Genie.
His blue eyes were turning bullet-gray. He didn’t even blink. I’m getting the feeling he’s as stubborn as I am.
“She certainly isn’t the brightest bulb in the-”
My unexpected outburst is enough to stop their bickering and they turn in unison toward me, shocked.
Genie’s mouth actually dropped open and her fingertips began to smoke.
I don’t care anymore.
“Stop talking about me like I’m not here!”
I’m just getting myself riled up for a good rant when my muse points one long red-tipped finger at me.
“You,” her voice is low and menacing,”are a mosquito. I could easily crush you and I’m starting to think that you’d be a lot less trouble dead.”
Mr Green-Gene was standing behind her. He stared at me intensely giving me a barely perceptible nod and murmured something that froze my muse in place.
I mean literally.
Frozen in place as in encased in ice.
“Ok Kitten, now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?”
He flashes me an extra-toothy grin, not the scary kind, but the kind that lets me know I just might get some answers after all.
ice muse
to be continued…


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