{August 8, 2013}   Ring Around The Bottle ~ Muse Series

AUTHORS NOTE: Our Catt seems to be in over her head and hoping for some answers from the big green Djinn who still won’t tell her his name. Perhaps she can at least find something out about the mysterious ring.
The ring Genie holds cradled in the palm of his beefy green hand glows bright enough to make me wish I had my Ray Bans with me.
As I reach my trembling hand out for the ring, it disappears.
“Now you see it, now you don’t.”
He laughs at me as he speaks, a deep loud belly laugh that echoes in my head.
There are a lot of things that I can take, but being laughed at is not one of them.
Nothing makes my blood boil more than someone laughing at me.
I can feel my blood pressure begin to skyrocket as every fucked up thing that I’ve been through since my Muse first showed up fills my head all at once. I’m getting really close to letting my Irish out of it’s cage.  I’m long overdue for a good old fashioned full-on temper tantrum. A barware-throwing, window-smashing, stress-releasing temper tantr-
“Oh come on Kitty-girl, don’t throw a hissy fit, I’m just messing with you!”
He does that interrupting-my-thoughts thing they all seem to love doing to me so much.
“Geez Louise, you humans have no sense of humor!”
He closes his empty palm into a fist then opens it again, the strange shiny ring is once again sitting smack dab in the middle of his green Djinn hand.
He looks all pleased with himself, he’s wearing a huge grin on his face but this wasn’t that sharp toothed smile, this one seemed happy and almost eager to please.
He looked so proud of his “poof! it’s gone!” moment.
I, on the other hand, fold my arms and roll my eyes.
“So that’s your big magic trick?” I ask. I make no attempt to hide my annoyance. Why bother? Apparently they all read minds in this end of the woods.
I let out a sigh powerful enough to blow my long bangs out of my eyes.
I almost wish I’d kept my mouth shut because the look in his eyes brings on a pinch of guilt for hurting his big stupid Djinn feelings.
His smile slips a little at my snippy tone of voice and it crosses my mind that I’m the one acting like a monster in this scenario.
I’m going to Hell, I just know it.
I know fuck-all about Djinn but damn, the one’s I’ve been running into lately have been nothing but trouble.
Ok maybe Mr. Green Genes wasn’t all bad but come on, stuck in a goddamn genie bottle with an extra large green man doing magic tricks and a Muse who amuses herself by putting me in said bottle isn’t really the funnest thing ever.
Everything is a fucking joke to them.
“Nothing funny about this Kitten. Asmodeus is no fucking joke.”
“Gah! Stop doing that!”
“Doing what?” His voice is soft, innocent. Like he has feelings or something.
“Stop reading my mind! Get out of my head and stop eavesdropping! It’s creepy! Also, stop mucking up my name, which reminds me, you haven’t even bothered to introduce yourself and that’s just flat-out rude!”
I was just getting started and his smile was long gone.
“Now you’re playing games and laughing at me! Aren’t you supposed to be helping me? Stop holding out on me and at least tell me what’s up with that ring oh ‘great and wonderful Genie’!”
This time I used air quotes.
The intended sarcasm was obvious, but even I could hear the note of fear in my voice.
“Names have power Catt, you know that. You’ve got a long way to go before you earn that right missy.”
His voice is cold. For once I decide to keep my mouth shut.
“This ring once belonged to Solomon,” he stops to gauge my reaction, as if I should know what he was talking about.
“Come on Catt, don’t you even know your own history?”
He clicks his tongue at my blank look and rolls his eyes at me.
I continue to lean against the back of the sofa, arms folded, saying nothing. I notice the spinning mirror-balls are no longer spinning and the flashing multicolored lights had all turned an angry red.
“Long story short; Asmodeus tricked Solomon into giving up the ring. This ring. This very ring I hold in my hand.”
I remain silent, listening while trying to appear not to be.
“Oh for crying out loud!” He walks over to me, well actually, he appears next to me without me seeing him move, and he raps his knuckles on my head.
“Ring? Power? Anyone home in there KitKat?”
“She really is a bit on the useless side, dont’cha think?”
I freeze at the sound of that familiar voice.
My Muse is back and she sounds pissed.
to be continued…



hopefully that’s a good wow 😀

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