{August 5, 2013}   Stuck In The Bottle With You ~ Muse Series

AUTHORS NOTE: Poor Catt, still stuck in the bottle with a big green Djinn who she may or may not have pissed off and not a Muse to be found, what to do…
I, um, I’m sorry,” I whisper hesitantly. “I mean like really really sorry…”.
There are two ways this can go; either he’ll accept my apology and write it off as stupid human ignorance, or he’ll, damn, I don’t even want to imagine what he’ll do if my Muse’s disposition is anything to go by.
He’s huge, he towers over me making my 5’10” frame feel puny and insignificant, like I’m a tiny little ant about to be crushed by an unaware construction worker wearing size 13W steel-toed boots.
Only Green Genie Man is very aware. Of everything.
And I can’t gauge his reaction to my apparent breach of Djinn Etiquette at all.
He gives nothing away, just stares at me with the most frightening smile I’ve ever seen.
After what seems like hours, he shrugs his huge green shoulders and suddenly he’s mixing cocktails at an extravagant bar that wasn’t there before. There are disco lights flashing and mirror balls spinning.
“Just don’t do it again toots,” his eyes won’t let mine go, I can’t stop looking at him hard as I try.
He scares the hell out of me and he’s supposed to be on my side. I think.
He walks back to me, drinks in hand as if we’re at a cocktail party and he’s the loveliest host with the most.
“Cheer up Kitty,” his voice is carefree and friendly sounding.
“Here, you definitely look like you could use another drink kiddo.”
He can call me anything he wants, long as he doesn’t show me his teeth again.
“What’s with all the doom and gloom? Lighten up toots, you’re safe here with me, even though I’m only letting you stay here because I owe her one. You see I, unlike others who shall not be named, keep my word. As for you,” he looks me up and down then nods his head as if he’d come to a decision about me.
“Ok spill it, if you really aren’t working with Asmodeus then how’d you end up getting involved in all this Djinn-fighting anyway? KitKat, you sure picked a hell of a time to poke your nose in something you know nothing about, the proverbial shit is about to hit the proverbial fan, so to speak.”
Before my mouth had time to follow my brain’s instruction to form words, he cut me off.
“Yeah I know what you’re thinking, I talk too much.”
I was thinking no such thing.
She’s always yammering at me about that, says I make a paragraph out of a sentence or some bullshit like that.”
He looks like he’s getting all wound up and I want to tell him she says the same to me but I’m a little leery of interrupting him.
“Yeah, sure,I talk a lot sometimes but let me tell ya something kiddo, you live in a bottle for a few hundred years and you’ll be talking to yourself long before the first year passes by. It’s not often I get an audience of more than me and I’m sick of hearing myself agree with me all the time.”
He stops for a second as if he’s mulling something over in his mind.
“Don’t get any ideas Kitten,” he leans in so close to me our noses touch, “I’m the one in charge around here so no lip from you missy. Your little Muse friend told me all about you.”
What the fuck does that mean? Curiouser and, I hate to say it, but, curiouser.
He flops back into the plush sofa and throws one of his big beefy green arms around my shoulder, pulling me into him like I’m a rag doll. Is he gonna squeeze the life out of me now?
“Oh come on Kitty Catt-Catt, you really need to learn how to relax. Look at you! You’re all tensed up.”
As he speaks every bit of stress leaves my body and a sort of calmness descends over me, for the first time in a long while I’m almost relaxed.
I wonder if Mr. G has multiple personality disorder or if it’s a Djinn thing. His mood swings are almost as bad as my Muse’s.
“Listen doll, you’ve gone and got yourself in a pretty pickle and you’re up to your eyebrows in enemies. Shit’s about to get real, doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know, he’s coming. Asmodeus is dangerous when he’s focused and he’s been focused on that ring forever and for whatever reason, you’ve attracted his attention. It’s time for you to stop behaving like a mewling quim and get your shit together if you’re gonna go after Asmodeus.”
“Look umm, Mr. uh, Sir, I’m not going after anybody,” I begin to explain, “I was just trying to find something to write about, you know, some inspiration? I didn’t do anything, I didn’t rub any lamps or cast any spells, I just wished I had a muse like that TV show where the writer works with some detective because she’s his muse, you know, something to get my creative juices flowing, an idea to get me over my slump…. writer’s block can be a real bitch sometimes you know… anyway she, my, uh, Muse, she just showed up out of nowhere and turned my life upside down and did you ever meet that Miranda lady? She’s pretty scary let me tell you… unless, is she your friend? Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t even think of that…she, umm, she has a kick-ass fashion sense…” I’m babbling beyond any babble I’ve ever babbled, which is a bad bad thing and I can’t seem to stop myself.
Gene Genie sits back, sipping on his cocktail, expressionless. I think he’s expressionless, I’m not too good at reading Djinn but I have a feeling I better learn fast.
“So is she your friend? Maybe I just caught her on a bad day and if she is your friend then I’m sorry but she kinda kicked my ass for no reason and I don’t even know what’s real anymore. And no disrespect intended Mr. Djinn but, umm, I’m not a mewling quim, I don’t even know what a mewling quim is…” my voice finally stops talking.
Genie-man snerks then clears his throat.
“Let’s try to stay on track here Catt.”
Crap. He calls me by my actual name and for some reason that scares me more than anything I’ve been through so far.
“This,” he says as he holds out his hand showing me a ring cradled in his huge palm, “is the key to taking on Asmodeus.”
to be continued…


bentalice says:

I love when you put your poetry into prose; your words sing to me.

I love the settings in this series, and the way the action switches from one to another. The comfy sofa and the cocktail bar are really nice, friendly touches that clash (in a very good way) with the menace of the Djinn. Or is he a menace or a big cuddly misunderstood Nice Guy? Hmmmmm, i’m sure we will find out…

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