{August 4, 2013}   Certainty and Breadcrumbs

certainty rears it’s head
at the oddest times
drive-time mornings
and airport standbys
undercurrents running
to stay one step ahead
although it gets a little trickier
when time travel is involved
i keep adding and subtracting hours
trying to manipulate time
itineraries and minutes in phones
gloriously mundane
sprinkled with unspoken understanding
acceptance avoidance wears me down
so i give up the fight
give in to your prophesized inevitability
at least until the next full moon
when all bets are off,
you hold the bell that rings
along with all that i am
something should have warned me
your inherent sense of responsibility
had long been mastered
far before you scented me and my implied arrogance
all those moldy breadcrumbs led us here, now,
where we are pounded and battered by the rough waterfall ride down
tethered for the save we crash and bounce in the thunder roar
until we are temporarily torn apart
only to be brought back into each other’s orbit
as i count down each moment
waiting for your return
and the ringing of the bell
bringing me where i belong
right there with you


Andy says:

Speaking of time travel-did you see the new Doctor revealed?

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