{August 3, 2013}   Haiku Times Three

black and white
AUTHORS NOTE: ever have one of those days where you’re writing yet it doesn’t feel like your writing when everyone you know decides today is the day to work your last nerve? So yeah, there’s that…but, I have been writing all day (between freak-outs and rants) and decided to finish tomorrow another Muse/Djinn adventure – that is if my Muse lets me and you know her! So on a completely different note, I’m diving back into the haiku pond for this post…as always, please to enjoy!
you see right through me
stripped down to nearly nothing
i expose myself
i wish to travel
from the confines of my mind
straight on through to yours
i belong to you
when nobody is watching
you whisper my name


Simple but very beautiful and heartfelt.

One other note. I edit poetry for publication. These are actually not Kaikus, they are Synrues. A Haiku is strictly about nature and most purist especially Japanese say that a Haiku can have no reference to humans or human artifacts. A Synrue follows the same form as a Haiku but included humans or human artifacts. People usually hate me for telling them that but you are a beautiful poet and I wanted you to know the difference. Hugs

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