{August 1, 2013}   Enigmatic Logic

you confuse me
with your enigmatic logic
and your overactive brain function
imagining imaginings
that don’t exist
you build barriers invisible to the human eye
but i can see right through you same as you see through me
this silent struggle screeches
when you slam on the brakes
inadvertent and circumstantial
a momentary decision regrettable
the moment the words fell from your mouth
i fell too, broken and shattered
confusion bubbles and boils
simmering beneath every thought i think
until i doubt my own sanity
in this push me pull me game we play
rejection comes in many flavors
each one another bitter pill i swallow
but protection rejection is my least favorite flavor
it never goes down easy
leaves a nasty aftertaste
lingering for days
irritating my heart
yet still i beg for more
insistently faithful to this thing
surrounding us
knowing i will never surrender
in this endless war of twisted longing
we shall march in tandem
wherever we are
even when we aren’t in the same hemisphere
be assured i will wait until the bitter end
as i carry you with me always
when you carved your name in my soul
we both knew it was a permanent mark
there to remind me
who i belong to eternal


bentalice says:

*sigh* I love the way you write.

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