{July 26, 2013}   Salvation

your voice slides like honey
dripping over me easy
sinking into all those hard-to-reach places
untouched for too long
the sound of you reminds me
everything i ever wanted is mine for the taking
you build me up sturdy
strength through repetition
when i’m nearly depleted you fill me
memories overflow and we are right there once more
safe and steadfast surviving the daily storms
faithful to our unfaithfulness
i bow my head in gratitude
whisper a prayer to get me through the inbetween times
waiting patient for the sacred
salvation on the tip of your tongue
solemn worship shines from my eyes
as you pull me back from the edge
saving me divine
if this is sin
then i am a willing sinner
in search of the holy


Very sensuously expressive.

Thank you for getting it down perfect 🙂


Thank you! A wow is my fave!:-D♥xox

Your photo made me laugh you are way too cute and funnyXoxo

Like so much of your work, I really love this. I love the way you abandon what others think and embrace love. I have always said about love that if you pay the price for it and its yours.

What a wonderful thought, if you pay the price it’s yours; I have to admit that when I lost my Mom in April I decided I would no longer care what anyone else thought of me or anything I say/write…it’s very freeing…as far as we know, we only go ’round once 🙂

I went through the same thing after I tried to commit suicide. Hugs

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