{July 25, 2013}   Fiction Relay Part 37

Well, here I am, One Thrilled New Relayer who has somehow managed to write a little bit more than 1000 words. For those of you following along, (which I’m sure is all of you because how could you not?) we last left Blue locked up tight in a cab with Melissa let’s take a peek at what’s been going on since.
Please excuse my lack of link knowledge, I’m a writer not a linker so I’ve done my best to insert links to the Homepage and to the Summary to make it easier for you to keep yourself up to date.
So without further ado, please to enjoy Part 37 of The Fiction Relay.
Pokerfaced, Blue held Melissa’s stare, her eyes giving away none of the chaotic thoughts racing through her mind.
No way was she giving this bitch even one inch of satisfaction.
Shifting slightly in the backseat of the cab, Blue let Melissa enjoy her brief time of imagined control, intentionally dropping her gaze as if in submission.
Keeping one eye on Melissa, she rubbed her hands over her thighs giving off nervous vibes in an attempt to lull Melissa into a momentary complacency as she slipped her favorite blue switchblade from her right boot.
It might be little but it was full of lethal potential.
Blue casually slid the blade open, running the tip underneath her black-painted nails. Just being in the same cab as Melissa was making her feel dirty.
Tension was thick as neither one was willing to give in to the other.
Dropping all pretense, Blue finally broke the silence out of sheer boredom.
“Sanderson, Sanders son, Sanders daughter, what’s your fucking point? Is this the part of your Big Plan where I get all scared and beg you for mercy?”
Blue let out a sarcastic chuckle as she resumed running her switchblade under her fingernails.
“Not gonna happen sweetie.” Blue’s voice dripped condescension.
Melissa closed her eyes and mentally counted to five.
She didn’t have the patience to count to ten.
She would not allow this little brat to rattle her, as much as the sight of her made Melissa rage there was too much at stake to let a mere child get in her way.
Especially this child who was nothing more than a byproduct of Sam and Meagan’s ‘Grand Love’.
There was something about this beautiful young woman with her ridiculous blue hair and matching eyes that could convince a normal person she was far older than her years though Melissa refused to think of her as anything other than an insolent kid.
This annoying little brat was causing her to seriously reconsider her plan.
“It really bothers you doesn’t it?”
Blue glanced at Melissa covertly, her voice intentionally casual as she secured the mental block in her brain.
It was obvious Melissa had stolen some of her power but Blue’s powers were a lot stronger than anyone knew, including Spencer. There were just some things a girl had to keep to herself.
“Bothers me? What are you going on about? The only thing bothering me right now is you and your bratty sense of self importance,” Melissa spit out.
“And I’m going to take that away from you as easily as I took your powers. I’m the one in charge here little girl, apparently it’s escaped your pea brain. You’re not going anywhere.”
Melissa gestured to the locked doors keeping Blue from getting out of the car.
The very sight of Blue, Samantha, unaffected in the backseat of the cab with that face looking so much like Meagan was beginning to make her head pound.
Everything always came back to Meagan.
“You may have been hatched by those two wanna-be’s but the reality of the situation little girl,” Melissa paused for a moment, she could feel her anger building and the last thing she wanted was to let Blue know she was getting to her.
“The plain unvarnished truth dearie, is that Mommy and Daddy wanted nothing to do with you then, and they want nothing to do with you now. Your so-called Father couldn’t leave fast enough after your whore of a Mother spread her legs and as for her, well she couldn’t wait to dump your idiotic self on the first person she could find stupid enough to take you.”
“Careful Melissa, your green is starting to show.”
Blue remained unrattled while Melissa began to seethe.
Images started to flash fast through her mind.
Raj dead and deader. Fire and blood, so much blood. Images sped up like a flipbook, Raj on top of Meagan. Daniel, no Sam, Sam on top of Meagan, looking at her with the same worshipful eyes Raj did. Even Ephraim treated her like she was a porcelain princess.
All of them, every goddamn one of them worshipped that bitch and not a one of them ever put Melissa before Meagan.
No, not Meagan, Suzi.
What was happening here? Her thoughts sped up, uncontrollable, her mind splitting in different directions then coming back together as if her brain was in a blender.
“Hey, you know you really are starting to look a little green around the gills,” Blue’s voice broke through the chaotic spin of Melissa’s mind. “Don’t even think of puking in my direction.”
“Shut up.”
“You’re sounding a little shaky there ‘Lissa,” Blue still had her blade in her hand.
“Shut up shut up SHUT UP!”
Blue said nothing in return, just continued to relax slouched against the locked door, never once taking her eyes off Melissa.
“What the fuck is taking so long? We should’ve been back at the motel by now! Driver,” she knocked on the divider between the back and front seats. If this hack thought he was getting away with taking the long way back just to increase the tab he was in for a nasty surprise.
“Melissa.” A disembodied voice whispered her name, the voice was familiar yet too faint to grasp who it was.
Her mind began to race again.
Something was off.
No, she was just being paranoid, it had to be her, that hell-spawn was trying to get into Melissa’s head and it wasn’t about to happen-
Blue interrupted her thoughts.
“Awww come on Melissa, I don’t need any super powers to see how much it burns your ass just looking at me, it’s called the power of observation, look it up.”
“You are so fucking lucky I need your help little girl or you’d be nothing more than messy pieces right about now.”
Something wasn’t right, they should have been at the motel a lot sooner than this.
“And I’m going to help you because why?” Blue asked cheerfully, her face suddenly lit up like it was Christmas morning.
Melissa reached out to Blue mentally, then physically recoiled at the blast of ice cold pain shooting through every nerve ending in her body.
“What did you do?” Melissa screamed furiously, all semblance of control gone.
Once again she began banging on the window separating the driver and the passengers.
“Driver! Stop this cab now! Where are we! Take me to my motel!”
The cab pulled over, engine idling as they sat there in silence, no word from the driver, they just sat there on what Melissa just noticed was a dark road, with nothing recognizable in sight.
She turned to Blue, still sitting back, knife still cleaning her nails, a look of complete satisfaction on her face.
“You did this!” she screamed, “you did this somehow! You don’t know who you’re playing with little girl! You know nothing about the real power, the real control!”
Melissa was nearing the point of meltdown. “You think you’re Miss High and Fucking Mighty because of her, your lying backstabbing whore of a mother!”
The window between the front seat and the passenger seat slid open and a voice drifted through preceding the appearance of the driver’s head.
“Who you calling a whore?” snarled Meaghan.
To be continued as the Fiction is now Relayed to dear Delilah:


Whoa! Nice job. Didn’t anticipate the end though I should have.

I was rather surprised myself 😉 xox

I really enjoyed the way you ramp up the tension between Blue and Melissa. There are alot of relationships going on this whole Relay but this is becoming one of the central ones and you got it spot on.
An admission – as i was reading i was thinking “but Melissa had the better of Blue, how come that’s shifting?” But then that killer ending and it all makes sense. Great Relay debut JB!

{humblest of curtsy} Blue fascinates me! I was a little worried about her for a minute there 😀
Kudos to you and all fellow relayers, I was lucky enough to read it all together and it’s amazing how beautifully it all flows together. Bravo! And thanks for the privilege, sincerely.

KC says:

Yippee! I was checking the page obsessively, and boy did I get a reward for all that so hard work. *eg* Seriously, welcome aboard this insane little train, Joanne! *giggles* Poor Melissa…*snrx*…can’t tell who’s -not- my fave character here, can ya? Nice job on the tension, and yay for the surprise ending…my favorite kind!

Yay!!! This is the funnest thing ever! Im in love with all of it! And the surprise was on me too lol, its like we’re not writing them, they’re writing themselves !;-D xox

KC says:

That. That right there. That is what makes writing so fun for me…when the characters take over. *eg* Even poems do it…one will get in my brain, and hop up and down incessantly until I let it out…and as long as I don’t fight with it, or try to force it, it just…goes. 😉

And as for the relay characters? Yeah, Blue wrote/writes herself…how else can you explain how everyone seems to have her personality so exactly on tap, after just that first taste of her in that first chapter? Love that girl…*eg*

I swear it wouldn’t surprise me if Blue up and walked out of my computer! She really does write herself! I ♥this story so much! xox

Thats the sign of realistic and well-defined characters, they tell you what theyre doing, not the other way round

Well you Relayers deserve a standing ovation for the characters you’ve come uo with….or did they come up with you wonderful Relayers 🙂

haha, Megan et al do seem to live their own lives, and we just tune in and watch them

Reblogged this on The Reclining Gentleman and commented:
Our newest Relayer writes her debut chapter, and what a chapter it is!

Delilah says:

Did not see that coming! Time for me to get to work.

Nice — keeping the action going through dialogue — very nice! Welcome aboard, Joanne! (Clearly this isn’t your first rodeo.) 🙂

You are MUCH too kind! I’ve never done anything like this but sure had fun! I’ve never tried to write a character written by others but I loved writing it, brilliant story!

I could never have written anything near this good. Great job 🙂

Now that I must disagree with because I’ve read you dear hasty, although I’ll take your compliment, because I’m in the depths of blahville these days :-), but I really hope you will once again come back to FR, I was lucky enough to read it all in one fell swoop and damn, the flow from chapter to chapter is amazing! It boggles my mind the way you’ve all been so in sync! (also, thank you doll ♥)

Well I have to say it boggled my mind too. Truthfully it was started to feel a bit overwhelming in my head…so many directions it could go from any one moment to the next. It was so hard to pick who and what to write about. But I am serious when I say….this was really good and much better writing than I could compose. 🙂

We shall have to agree to disagree on your ability sweet hasty, I can already see what you mean, I was so worried about where and how to start so I went with Blue because she’s someone I’d love to hang out with lol…my biggest worry is trying to be sure to not leave things in a mess for the next Relayer, like I didn’t want to stick Meagen in the drivers seat without being sure it was possible in one way or another (gotta love the idea of skinwalkers/shapeshifters etc…just sayin lol)

can i settle this by saying you are BOTH great writers!
and yea, hasty, i hope you come back too ❤

I am always saddened when someone puts down another by saying they weren’t wanted as a baby. That was a realistic line and made it seem like a tragic tale. Hoping that the conversation can make it to the end without any deaths by that knife he is cleaning his nails with! You have a drama started big time!

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tedstrutz says:

I have emerged from my self-imposed blog exile to say Welcome to the group of writers chronicling Suzi’s Saga, JoanneBest! I hope to join you soon, but for now, thank you and the other writers for carrying on in my absence. I am still 4 stories behind to read.

I thought your chapter was well written, with very realistic dialog in the different character’s voices. You caught the essence of Blue and Melissa’s frustration as if you had been writing this story from the start. And, such an entrance for Suzi (I refuse to call her Megan)… “Who you calling a whore?”… I love it!

Your soon to be BFF… Ted

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