{July 23, 2013}   Time Folds

just like that you flip me over
away from the cobwebs and up through the ceiling
because you tickle me with words
remind me to laugh again
you do it so easy my mind spins,
till time folds
that’s when i shiver in the heat
when your voice husks enough to let me know you remember too
it gets hard to swallow and i feel the burn
we shift and i’m there
i tend to forget you remember sometimes
that black crayon tendency i can’t seem to shake
kicks in and kicks my ass
funny how one ray of sunshine
can change the entire view


bloody marvellous poem – my favourite so far – not one unnecessary word – finely tuned and so so so descriptive – a real joy

Thank you so much! And thanks for saying so xox

Very electric and thrilling! Well written, indeed!

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