{July 20, 2013}   Time Streams

there’s too much clutter in here
my brain is working overtime
trying to keep you separated and me sane
your own brand of crazy throws punch after punch and you hold your own,
and me, well i duck and cover while looking for an out
it gets dangerous, the extra weight pushes down hard
but there’s always that hard-to-reach just-around-the-corner
dangling in my face, it keeps me running, a true believer,
just a moment ago
the sky opened up again, though it’s been awhile,
lightening struck my soul
and the rumble of thunder carried your scent
the heats been unbearable and i keep seeing your shadow
waiting for me in another fold in time
i can almost feel your skin sometimes
your pulse beating faster, unable to tell which time stream those moans come from
time collides into future past and now and i can’t tell the difference
but maybe that’s just the impending full moon
lighting my way, navigating unwavering to you


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