{July 17, 2013}   Ready To Crash

you snuck in when i wasn’t looking
insidiously sleek and snake-like
you got me right there,
deep in the heart
out front and in the open
because nobody ever pays attention
no-one else noticed me lying there bleeding
and we were just a couple of castaways
lit up by neon and sharing a smoke
my eyes changed that night right there and then
i could tell by the reflection in yours
it was less happenstance and more inevitable
you spoke with such assurance, though with very few words
because your eyes do the talking sometimes
your thoughts burn into my brain
when there’s a momentary lull in the storm
we squirrel it all away in case of emergency
for survival purposes
recently I’ve been catching your scent
it’s in the air, coasting on a sea breeze
changing tides and gathering waves
that sweet salty tang building
ready to crash


You are a wonderful poet.

“lit by neon and sharing a smoke” love that – it conjures up such a visual image – keep writing

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