{July 14, 2013}   You Know The Time

it happens in those early morning hours
as the sun begins to crawl
when everything is nearly still
but for the mourning dove outside my window
kitty-cat snores softer than my beating heart
lingering thoughts from the land of nod cling stubborn
you know the time,
when what-is crashes into what-isn’t
that cold sweat slides around your body like a lover
finding the vulnerable
aware of every trigger point
fear slams violent and cruel
to remind you you aren’t in charge
it all pushes down on you terrifying
unheard screams swallowed for fuel
to get you through the endless
because an unquiet mind will not stop
and you can never let them see you sweat


you are a wonderful writer. I love this.

bentalice says:


“kitty-cat snores softer than my beating heart”

That’s the kind of line that I wish I’d written.

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