{July 12, 2013}   I Saw You

i saw you again today
standing on the corner waiting for me
cigarette cupped in one hand
the other hand buried in your pocket
i wanted to be the pocket your fingers slipped into,
the cigarette you brought to your mouth
sucking smoke and fiddling,
that i-have-plans-for-you look on your face
the one you wear so well
you faded away when i passed by
because it was a temporary fold in time
just a memory
there to remind me
not to use black crayons when i fill in the blanks

i saw you yesterday too
leaning back solid and cocksure
taking my hand and shutting me up
the best way you know how,
because i lose my train of thought when our skin sparks
everything spirals electric
incoherent sounds only we can hear
and we become invisible
at least for a little while
enough to bury it deep and dole it out sparingly until it’s time
for just a little bit of sanity
well deserved and long overdue because the trail of breadcrumbs disappeared for awhile
but i’m noticing the light start to glow through the dark
there to remind me you didn’t forget either and i’ll always feel your breath on mine

i can see you now in your glory
that effervescent twinkle battling for control of me
blue on blue and nary a flinch
the dimple right there near your bottom lip,
daring me to sink my teeth into your unintentional pout
when every drop of moisture in my body is in a downward spiral
and i can barely swallow,
everything i am belongs to you
it always did, even when we circled each other for years
observing from a distance
until you whispered we’re inevitable before you walked away

so i see you always, wherever you are
even where you aren’t
you play on a loop in my head
but only in this meantime,
when we wait for the invisible to inevitably appear
because you said so


Excellent I like this very much. The question is how do you escape this? It’s not possible! Good right.

bentalice says:

Very tasty, Joanne. I move my lips when I read this; I like your words in my mouth.

Seb says:

It’s the tiny, all-too-human details in this which make it doubly powerful

I came back to read this again. Its very good. I did something very similar, but I like yours better.

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